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10 Things We Learned From the Jordyn Woods ‘Red Table Talk’ Interview

Jordyn Woods just opened up in an emotional interview on Red Table Talk about the alleged Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, and she shared her side of the story.

During the conversation, Jordyn addressed the rumor that Khloe Kardashian split with Tristan after allegedly cheating with Jordyn at a party.

She also addressed exactly what happened at the party where reports surfaced about her alleged interactions with Tristan. Jordyn is now speaking up for herself, and telling her side of the story.

1. She did go to the party at Tristan’s house, and didn’t initially think anything of it.
After going out clubbing with friends, Jordyn went to a house party at Tristan‘s house. In retrospect, she doesn’t think she should have been there at the time.

2. Jordyn says she did not give Tristan a lap dance.
Despite rumors, Jordyn insists she did not give Tristan a lap dance at the party. “Never once was I giving him a lap dance…we’re all in plain sight,” she explained. She believes it appeared that way from afar. She also did not have her arm around him, but her legs were laying right over his legs.

3. She says she was not alone with Tristan.
Up until the moment she left the party, people were around. She was not alone with Tristan at any time.

4. She admits she was drunk, and Tristan kissed her as she left the house.
“I was drunk, but I was not beyond the point of recollection. On the way out, he did kiss me…no passion, no nothing…he just kissed me,” she revealed. It was a kiss on the lips, but no tongue or making out.

She was shocked, and left immediately. “Did this really…I was like…let me just pretend like that didn’t happen.”

5. Jordyn initially did not say what happened to Kylie and Khloe.
After going home, Jordyn talked to Kylie and Khloe and originally said that nothing happened. “I was honest about being there, but not about the actions that had taken place.”

6. Jordyn was trying to protect Khloe’s heart.
She said she was trying to protected Khloe’s heart amid turmoil. “She doesn’t deserve this either,” she said. “People have dehumanized her….they can’t feel for her.”

7. She says she never slept with Tristan.
She never slept with Tristan. “Never will I,” she said. “And that’s why I’m willing to be put up to the test. Attach me to a lie detector. I need people to know the truth.” There has been no communication or relationship, she says.

8. She believes she’s not the reason Khloe and Tristan split up.
“I’m no homewrecker…especially someone who I love,” she said. “I would never try to steal someone’s man. I don’t need your situation.” Jordyn says she knows she’s not the reason Tristan and Khloe are not together anymore. “I know I’m not the reason,” she said.

9. Jordyn’s been in contact with the Kardashians.
Jordyn has talked to Kylie, and told her she was doing this interview. She also told Khloe she’s willing to do “whatever to do for her peace of mind” to make it right.

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10. She stresses that this is not a publicity stunt, and it’s had a huge impact on her life.
Jordyn answered a fan question about whether this was a publicity stunt for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and she denied it. “This is real,” she said. “This is real life…it’s not a game. This is not a drill.”

Jordyn is calling out the media for their coverage of the situation: “It’s a mistake that should have been dealt with internally.” She points out that she feels targeted by the media being a young black women, especially.

“The arms that I thought would be around me are nowhere to be found. The first few days were the hardest…I didn’t eat for days,” she said. “Every day was a new headline…another person wishing death upon me.” She also feels she could have harmed herself from all the criticism if she was “a weak person.” She also revealed her family can’t go out in public amid all the hate. “I’m not here to play the victim,” she said. “I’m here to take responsibility.”

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