(PHOTOS+VIDEOS) KHLOÉ AT THE Late Night with Seth Meyers

Khloé chatted about her new talk show, Kocktails with Khloé, sharing that Jennifer Lawrence is her dream guest and that thanks to her mom, Kris Jenner, getting drunk during a test show, she’s now learned what to do when a guest has too much to drink. Hear more from the youngest Kardashian sister.



Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving the Trump Soho Hotel as she headed to the ‘’Late Show with Seth Meyer’ in New York City, New York on Thursday, January 14, 2016. She stunned in a slimming black dress as she stepped out in the cold, and signed some autograph for fans before heading to her car.


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(PHOTOS) January 13,2016: Khloe leaving the Trump Soho Hotel as she headed to the ‘Tonight Show’ and Watch What Happen live

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Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving the Trump Soho Hotel as she headed to the ‘Tonight Show’ in New York City, New York on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. She stunned in a slimming black lace jumpsuit as she stepped out in the cold, and posed for selfies before heading to her car.



Khloe arrives to Watch What Happens Live this evening after busy day of promoting



Khloe poses with fans in a black and white leopard jumpsuit after taping Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ in New York City.


Fashion and fitness icon Khloe Kardashian stopped by the Stern Show Wednesday morning to chat with Howard and promote her new FYI talk show, « Kocktails with Khloe. » Given the year Khloe and her family have experienced, there was obviously much to discuss.

LISTEN about Lamar’s infidelity:

Few marriages have been as eventful in such a short time as Khloe’s with estranged husband and former NBA player Lamar Odom. Howard asked Khloe about the initial discovery that Lamar had been cheating on her. Khloe says she never speculated that Lamar would be cheating, but certain elements, in addition to his 2013 DUI, let Khloe know that something was up.

« Nothing was on his cell phones, [but] he had an assistant. They were all on his assistant’s phone, so he was really crafty, » she explained.

From there, further details came to light, according to Khloe. « All these rumors kept coming out in the weeklies, and as much as I know they’re bullshit, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Something has to be right here, » she thought at the time.

« This one girl did this interview and she was so adamant, and when I confronted [Lamar], he blamed another teammate. He was like ‘oh that’s another teammate’s girl, blah blah blah…’ This was when he was playing for the Clippers his last season. »

According to Khloe, the cheating was all the more puzzling not just because their own sex life was great, but she simply had no idea when he found the time. « It’s another job, » she mused.

Being in the public eye certainly didn’t help.

« It is humiliating on any level, but I found out he was cheating on me the majority of our marriage, I just didn’t know. »

But Khloe still doesn’t question why did he get married in the first place.

« I know he loves me; I know we love each other. I know all of that — I don’t question those feelings. » And despite rumors, Khloe’s said she was not sure if

About On Her and Lamar’s Rapid Romance:

Howard wondered if it was a mistake to marry someone after only a month of knowing them, as Khloe and Lamar did.

« I’m sure people would say it’s a mistake for me, I wouldn’t change what I did because it was also some of the best times of my life … so for me, I wouldn’t say it’s a mistake. I would say I needed that experience for me and I never felt better in my life at that time. »

Evidently, the family matriarch, Kris Jenner, as well as Khloe’s sisters all voiced their uncertainty about her hasty marriage. « All of them were like ‘you’re fucking nuts.’ It was nine days after meeting him we were like ‘we’re going to get married,' » Khloe recounted.

« It was just the most intense relationship I’ve ever had in a great way, but looking back in hindsight, would I say ‘oh, yeah probably should you have waited a little bit?’ Sure. But also, I don’t regret doing it, » she concluded.

LISTEN On Lamar’s Coma Scare:

In October 2015, after being discovered unconscious from an overdose at the Love Ranch brothel, Lamar was hospitalized and in a coma on life support for a few trying days. During that time, Khloe had to confront a hailstorm of issues with her husband.

First, she wondered why he was even at a brothel. « I’ve asked him that, » Kardashian told Howard. « I said, ‘listen, you do whatever the fuck you want to do but please promise me you’ll never go back to a disgusting brothel again. And if you want to pay someone, you could pay someone in the privacy of your hotel! What are you doing?' » she remembered asking him.

Lamar allegedly told her that he doesn’t know what he was thinking and that his brothel days are behind him.

Despite their struggles, Khloe has attempted to keep Lamar protected in a relative bubble during his healing process. « One day I came in and he was Googling ‘Lamar Odom overdose.’ I randomly walked into the room as he did this, and I was watching and he saw like surveillance footage or whatever online. So I grabbed the iPad and I was like ‘what the fuck are you doing? I’ve been trying to protect you, I don’t want this to hurt you!’ I have to remember – he has no idea what people know, » Khloe told Howard.

She doesn’t believe the herbal Viagra was the primary cause of Lamar’s overdose, despite the media’s insistence. Howard asked Khloe why he was even taking it, to which she responded, « I think when you’re doing so many other things, you’re a little limp down there … »

Khloe told Howard that Lamar is finally recovering, crediting his athleticism with saving his life. « The doctor thought he was a goner, too. » Fortunately, Khloe said she thinks Lamar is at about 70 percent right now.

LISTEN On James Harden:

Despite remaining close to Odom during his recovery, Khloe was cagey about indiciating whether the world would ever see them together again romantically.

« Never say never but … he has so much that he has to prove himself, first, » she offered.

For now, Khloe confirmed that she’s dating James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

LISTEN about gym every day:

Later in the interview Howard asked Khloe about her dedication to fitness and prior body issues. « I had a major awkward phase for a very long time, » admitted Khloe.

« I’ve always had an incredible amount of confidence, » she explained though. « When everyone said I was the ‘fat Kardashian sister,’ I never thought that. Looking back now, I see how healthy I was, but I still wouldn’t say that’s a fat girl, I would say she’s a little overweight, she could maybe use the gym or cut back on a donut. »

After moving to Dallas with Odom, Khloe began a strict workout regimen. With Lamar traveling for games and all of her family in California, Khloe often found that she had some extra time on her hands. « That’s what I would do if I was bored — I would literally watch TV and do cardio, » she described of her schedule.

« I really appreciate the hard work it takes to have a good body. Sometimes when things are given to you, you don’t appreciate it and it’s fucking hard work! »

There is one thing Khloe would like to change about her body though.

« I do want a boob job … what girl doesn’t want fucking cleavage? » she quipped. Howard balked at that idea, insisting her breasts are great as-is. However, Khloe maintained that « she could always remove them

LISTEN On Being At the Forefront of Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition:

In 2015, Caitlyn Jenner dominated headlines across the nation, but few were on the front lines for her transition like her daughter. Khloe told Howard how the entire saga unfolded among the Kardashians.

« All these tabloids are coming out … we’re like ‘we could ask the source. You’re our dad, we’ll ask you.’ Bruce would consistently tell them the rumors weren’t true, which led to the family feeling betrayed when the news finally broke.

So how did Khloe and her sisters actually find out? « Something happened where we were at a meeting with E! for something and they mentioned that Bruce was having a TV show about transitioning or something. That’s the first we heard of it, » she told Howard.

« When things started going, » Khloe remembered, « he would only want to talk to us on camera … and I think it was also for security. Maybe he felt like we couldn’t get as upset or whatever. »

Obviously, Khloe was justifiably upset: « We felt so like ‘what the fuck? We’ve been asking you and why do business people know?’ I never want someone to feel like they have one-up on our family. We are a family. We’ve never turned our backs on each other yet with all the clusterfucks of shit that’s happened in our lives, why would we now? »

Howard pointed out how many expected gushing public support from Caitlyn’s daughters, but given how the whole thing was handled, Khloe and her sister’s honesty at the outset made sense.

« I don’t give a fuck what you want to do – just stop lying to us about things, » she vented. « Also it’s like, each sister had a different story because he couldn’t keep up. Just lay it on the table, what are we doing? What’s happening? Even then he didn’t tell us … we didn’t know when he was going to start fully dressing as Caitlyn. »

Credit: HowardStarn.com

(PHOTOS+VIDEO) January 13,2015: Khloe arriving at Good Morning America in New York


Khloé was seen arriving at Good morning america this morning.

Khloé Kardashian said her estranged husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, is “doing really well” after being hospitalized for a drug overdose but he has a “long journey” back to recovery.

« He’s doing great but, you know, it’s a long journey and it’s something that he’s working really hard on, » the « Keeping Up with the Kardashians » star said today on « Good Morning America. » “Every day is different. We take every day as it comes. I’ve learned not to really look into the future too much.”

Odom, 36, was rushed to a Nevada hospital last October after he was found unconscious at a legal brothel. The former Los Angeles Laker was moved to a Los Angeles medical facility once he was stabilized and was released from that facility earlier this month — nearly four months after the overdose.

Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Lamar OdomPlay videoKhloe Kardashian Opens Up About Lamar Odom
Kardashian, 31, remained by Odom’s side throughout the ordeal, even filing legal papers to delay their divorce. She said she is not thinking about their future as Odom continues to recover.

“I do believe that we’re soulmates but…that’s not even where my head is at,” Kardashian said. “I think people, they don’t understand the severity of everything.”

“It was really scary,” Kardashian said of rushing to Odom’s hospital bedside in Las Vegas last year. “I know when we got to the hospital in Vegas, we were told, you know, there’s only a few hours to live and we had to make some medical decisions. »

“There were a lot of challenges but he’s a fighter and, obviously, he’s here now and he’s out of the hospital,” she added. “It’s all about his health and my happiness and his happiness and right now those are two individual things.”

Kardashian told Howard Stern, in an interview on his SiriusXM show today, that Odom regressed when he was moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles nearly one week after being found at the Nevada brothel.

“When he first woke up out of his coma, he was way more aware,” Kardashian said. “He then regressed. Once he transferred to LA, he regressed greatly where he stopped talking completely and everything. Very scary. But when he first woke up, he was like, ‘Hi!’ almost like he woke up from a nap. It was so bizarre at first.”

Kardashian also revealed to Stern that she has worked to keep Odom “in a bubble” during his recovering, recounting an incident when she walked in and found Odom Googling himself on his iPad and took it away from him.

“I have to remember he has no idea what people know,” Kardashian told Stern. “He doesn’t know if we only found him and this is private.”

Kardashian was faced with another health scare over the holidays when her younger brother, 28-year-old Rob Kardashian, was diagnosed with diabetes.

Kardashian said the diagnosis has helped Rob, who has struggled with his weight and has recently lived largely out of the public eye, reevaluate his lifestyle.

“Everything happens for a reason so that health scare, if that’s going to make him, like shake him up a little bit and let’s jumpstart his health journey, then great, I’m right here for him,” she said. “He’s taking it seriously. Yeah, we’re only like 13 days into the New Year but that’s good enough for me. »

After the two medical scares, Kardashian said she is “leaving all the hospital stuff in 2015” and focusing on making the New Year “good and positive.”

The “Strong Looks Better Naked” author has a new talk show, “Kocktails With Khloé, » that debuts Wednesday, Jan. 20 on the FIY network.

“It’s very me,” Kardashian said of the one-hour show. “Sit around, have a cocktail, let’s let our guards down a little bit.”

“I don’t want it to be so structured of an interview, just hanging out, having some cocktails, some food here and there and a lot of games,” she said. “I like to play games when I’m at my house with my friends and family but having like drunken games, if you will, is that much more fun, so why not?”

Kardashian said the still-to-be-released guest list for her talk show will include a mix of “pop culture people,” musicians and comedians. Her famous family members, whose every moves are documented on E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” will not be permanent fixtures on her new show.

“There’s another show for that so I wanted to sprinkle them throughout,” Kardashian said.

Kardashian also revealed that the family’s newest member, Saint West, the newborn son of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, is doing well and bonding with his older sister, North West.

« North is obsessed with him, so that’s good, » Kardashian said of her 2-year-old niece. « North will say, ‘My name is Saint,’ like she wants her name to be Saint now too. »

(PHOTOS+VIDEO) January 12, 2016: Khloe at Lax airport in Los Angeles


Khloe Kardashian planned to take New York by storm — until her her flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas.

Khloé, who was traveling with make-up artist Joyce Bonelli, alerted fans about the plane drama Tuesday on Twitter.

« Supposed 2b in NYC but somehow I’m in Vegas NYC I’m trying to get there. Emergency landing but Joyce and I are safe, » she tweeted.

Shortly after the reality star’s American Airlines flight departed from Los Angeles, the plane was diverted to Las Vegas after the “pilots reported an electrical smell in the cockpit,” TMZ reports.

Kardashian and her pal chose to do deal with their unexpected stop in Sin City by livestreaming from the airport while awaiting word on a new flight, according to E! News.

After learning that their flight to New York was canceled and they couldn’t depart Vegas until the next morning, Kardashian asked for a flight back to Los Angeles, which is when the livestream ended.

The 31-year-old star had been en route to the Big Apple to promote her new DIY talk show “Kocktails with Khloe,” with appearances scheduled Wednesday on “Good Morning America” and “The Tonight Show.”

All details about Kocktails with Khloé

KOCKTAILS2 Premiering at 10 PM January 20, it’s a talk show of sorts, whereby Khloé invites celebrity guests to join her for a dinner party.
– Kocktails with Khloé taped in a LA studio set made to look like a home setting sans a studio audience.
– « Kocktails With Khloe » replicates the look of her home.
– Each episode of Kocktails will be filmed two days ahead of air in order to keep everything current, leaving very little time for editing
The guest list hasn’t been announced yet but Khloé said family members and friends will pop up on the show, just not all in one group.
– Hidden cameras should help guests forget they are being taped, leading to more revealing comments.

Khloé talks on stage during TCA

503676542It isn’t surprising who Khloé Kardashian turned to for advice regarding her new take on the talk show, Kocktails with Khloe (FYI, Jan. 20). Her mother: Kris Jenner.

« My mom is definitely (somebody) I learn so many things from in this business, » said the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, whose mother briefly had her own talk show. One lesson: « It’s important to be authentic and stay true to yourself. »

During a panel before writers at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Wednesday, Kardashian was asked about matters besides the new show, of course.

• As the session opened, she was asked the health of Lamar Odom, who has been hospitalized since being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in October.

« Lamar is good, thank you, » Kardashian said, before quickly moving on to another question. When asked again about the recovery of Odom, who she was in the process of divorcing when he was hospitalized, she offered a longer response, but not too much detail, « because it’s not my story to tell. He’s doing amazing and I’m so proud of the strength he has shown to fight this battle. » She added she was « grateful for everybody’s love. »

• She said she is looking forward to FX’s upcoming American Crime Story, which focuses on O.J. Simpson’s mid-1990s trial for the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Kris Jenner, who knew the Simpsons and had been married to O.J. « dream team » lawyer Robert Kardashian,, is played by Selma Blair and Khloé, Kim and Kourtney are depicted as children and adolescents.

« I would definitely like to see it, » she said. « My mom and Selma Blair became really good friends. »

The eight-episode Kocktails, which will mix talk, cooking and party games, will feature Kardashian and famous friends gathering on a studio set made to look like a home setting. No guests were announced Wednesday, but Kardashian said family members and friends will pop up on the show, just not all in one group.

Fueled by food and alcohol, Kocktails guests will talk about their lives, pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip (wonder who that could include?), according to the show’s description. The show will be filmed within a day of broadcast so that current events can be discussed.

Hidden cameras should help guests forget they are being taped, leading to more revealing comments, Kardashian said. She includes herself in that observation.

« I hope my Khloé-comes-to-Jesus moments come across. You do forget the camera is there, » she said, adding she hopes people « let their hair down. »

Asked about celebrity and privacy, Kardashian said,

« There’s definitely a double-edged sword. When things are great … you want to scream that from the rooftops, » she said. Some personal matters, such as Odom’s situation, she would prefer to « keep protected or close to my heart » and hopes people respect « why I am being so private. »