April 11, 2015 – Khloe and Kim visit the ruins of the house of her father Robert Kardashian’s ancestors in Armenia


Kim Kardashian helps North West light a church candle with Khloe, Kanye West and their cousins in Armenia. North could not stop having a blast lighting many candles and handing them to her aunt and mommy.

Kanye West even joined in for the family moment as he lit some candles and was all smiles watching his daughter and even shared a tender moment touching his wife Kim’s face. Khloe was holding her niece North for a few moments in the church as North pointed and smiled.

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian show baby North and Kanye their ancestral home backyard and take in the root of the Kardashian beginings in Armenia.

Kanye was even taking photos of his wife Kim and North in the backyard among the trees and sticks and barrels and debris that Kim was stepping over to take a better look inside the house. North West at one point was walking on the century old flooring as he daddy Kanye, kept a close watch on the young toddler.

Kim and Khloe stayed inside with Kanye and North for about 30 minutes looking at where their family began and later Kim exited with some dust on her jacket from walking around inside. Kanye walked with North over the debris pile while carrying North with a somber and humbled look on his face. The girls then excited the house where the Kardashians started their lives in Armenia. Security was tight outside the house for the girls and for Kim’s arrivals as she looked at the large metal doors while carrying bay North. Also while in the backyard secret service style security helped assist the girls into the dwelling in the most humble of backyards and homestyle’s that would not have security in most situations.

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Paparazzi > 2015 > 11 April – Khloe and Kim visit the ruins of the house of her father Robert Kardashian’s ancestors in Armenia


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