Khloe Kardashian Fansite emergencycontact_121143401_339942653739584_6958272818234007556_n-1080x450 AUDIO: Khloé and Malika on Emergency Contact with Simon Huck and Melissa Gray Washington

AUDIO: Khloé and Malika on Emergency Contact with Simon Huck and Melissa Gray Washington

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Hi, I’m Simon Huc. And I’m Melissa Gray, Washington and welcome to Emergency Contact. Hi, Mel. Hi, how are you? Well, I’m a little stressed because it’s Halloween planning and I’m debating between Britney Spears stop like denim with Justin Timberlake at that moment and how can I get or Amy Winehouse and what’s his name again?

Oh, gosh, D.J., gosh, what is this jacket? Oh, no, no. His name wasn’t DJ. He was a DJ. He was a DJ. I got a little credit. I can’t remember his name.

I want to say it’s Adam something or other. We are on that before you choose that as a costume. But who’s going to be how are you going to get that wig is just a big way.

I have a great wig person. The thing is, everyone keeps saying the denim is being overplayed like people have done it. But I’m like, have they done it?

I’m six foot four and I’m going to be wearing a denim patch, custom dress, which I have my fitting for on Monday.

So I know I want to pursue that path. Number one, because we are Canadian and nobody we invented Canadian tuxedos, which are. Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So if anyone has a if anyone can pull that off, it’s a six foot Canadian is what I’m saying to you.

And Phil’s just being difficult. He’s like, I think Amy’s cooler. I’m like, have you seen Britney in denim.

Yeah, no, it’s everything. It’s so epic. OK, so definitely you’re doing Britney in denim. OK, perfect. Thank you. Thank you. My week is great. I’m here back in the toy closet. So if this is not peak twenty twenty I, I, I actually don’t know what is if not this. Right. If not this setting this moment.

There seems to be this incredible helicopter above your head right now. Talk to me about it.

That’s a perpetual it’s a submarine actually. Thank you. It’s a perpetual branded submarine. So that’s what’s going on back there.

Well, Perpetual Brand, if you’re out there is an opportunity. Yes. And Lego and Magnetize, we have it all.

Come visit me in my closet. There’s nothing we don’t have here. I’ve cried.

Well, anyhow, without further ado, I think we should dive into this like Barbara Walters interview special.

Yes, let’s dive right in.

So, um, this week’s emergency contact, Melanie, I spoke to Chloe and Malika and. Oh, my God, are they there? The definition of X are they not know they are.

They are so in love with each other. There’s so and they’re so loyal.

You know what’s really amazing to me and what really struck me was that they have known each other for so long, but and presumably during that time have weathered some storms. Right. As we all do. But their deep love and friendship is just so obvious.

It’s sort of like you couldn’t even be manufactured if you tried. It was no, it was so sweet the way that Malika was talking about Chloe and vice versa. And you know that there’s a real loyalty there like they are. Yes. They’re the definition of ride or die or die.

Knowing what was so crazy about the timing is that we had book them like weeks before and then the two days before we actually do our recording, Keeping Up with the Kardashians after twenty seasons in sixteen years on the air. Announced their final season, so it was really kind of this pivotal moment to talk to them and get the scoop on how they’re feeling about the show ending, you know, what that journey was like? I mean, it was really good.

Yeah, no, it was it’s a great interview. And I was I don’t want to say I was surprised by. But Khloe is so normal, you know, I mean, that sounds like obvious, but she really what she I didn’t really know what to expect, but she was so normal and so sweet and really exactly the way that she is portrayed on the show. Right.

Like super adorable. I thought she was going. You stand for Khloe. You know, I do. I love, love, love, love, love, love. Khloe, Khloe and Drake are in this. I know they are. And I was like I obviously had to play it so cool, like, no big deal.

But she was lovely. She was truly such a class act. And it was it was just a really nice conversation with two really good friends. It was great.

It was really great knowing like, how about Khloe and I both starting as assistance, like I was drowning and this is it. And she’s Nicole Richie is this is that and like, look how we fare.

Like, I know I’m still assisting. Oh, please, please.

Well, you know, I first texted you when obviously keeping up was canceled or finish. You know, they ended it and wondering what you were going to do for cameo gigs these days without that platform applying to sunset like sunset.

What is it?

No sunset. Yes. Yes.

You actually I mean, just as like you would be so great at real estate, you could sell anyone on anything.

Thank you. Thank you. Back on that. You can fall back. Yeah. If things go dark.

Yeah. Things go dark. But no, it was really such a fun interview and we’re so lucky to have had them on. So here is our interview with Khloe and Malika.

Hello, hello, how are you doing?

I’m exhausted. I mean, this child is over here taking my entire ass.

He won’t sleep well.

You look you beautiful. This is what this is how you mass. I didn’t wake up. I’m going to introduce you to Malakai Lists. Hi. Hi. Hi.

So, first of all, welcome to Emergency Contact. We’re so excited to have you on.

And thank you.

Excited to be a part. And it’s funny because Melissa and I were talking before you guys hopped on and she was asking me, like, when did you first meet Chloe Malika? And I, honest to God, was thinking, I guess through Britney G victim, like, I don’t know when it was.

Khloé Kardashian:
Now, I remember when you and I met you and I met because I was Nicole Richie’s assistant and you were John and Jonathan Chapman’s assistants. And we met like five faces ago. And I was like, just I don’t know if you remember because there’s so many faces and.

Simon Huck:
Yeah, you don’t know. I thought that was after like I thought we had already met. And then you were Nicole Richie.

Simon Huck:
This I remember going to Chip Riani and we were like somehow sitting together as the assistants like we got.

Simon Huck:
How long were you Nicole’s assistant for.

Khloé Kardashian:
Not long, I mean, I went to school with her, she was one of my best friends growing up, and so we were really, really close. And then when she started doing Simple Life, I think it was after simple life, like towards the end, we she just needed some help. And I think I just needed a job. And so I did that. I’m trying to think. I get Malik has a better memory than I do, I’m trying to remember what year that was around, but maybe you’re right, Simon, because I don’t have a great memory either.

Simon Huck:
Six years ago, like you did the show 14 years ago, which hopefully we need to talk about that double click. Don’t act like we’re going to get there in a second. But if it was 14 years ago, I feel like it must have been. Yeah, 15, 16.

Khloé Kardashian:
She was way before, like it was like in her. So it was like when she was like, really, really honestly I was her friend.

Simon Huck:
It was her which was like post simple life when she was wearing all those bangles. And Rachel’s, though, was styling her.

Khloé Kardashian:
Yes, Rachel, so I can’t really remember, but, yeah, I it was a year ago.

Simon Huck:
So that and then when this is what I’m dying to know, when did you meet Malika, like when did you guys become friends and who, like, set this friend up?

Malika Haqq:
It’s like an accident.

Khloé Kardashian:
It was Malika was dating my guy, best friend when I I was about 15.

Malika Haqq:
Yeah. And I think I was like. Probably 16, almost 17, and he for some reason never wanted us and me, we now know it’s because, like Khloe would have found out, like, oh, so you lied to her about everything and I didn’t like you as these two girls will get together and figure it out.

Malika Haqq:
And just one day she happened to be coming to his house to pick something up. And I was there and we literally sat and talked for two hours. And I was like, I love this girl. Like, I have a twin sister. You have to meet her. And she ended up, like, hanging out with this and going out with us that night.

Khloé Kardashian:
And we were like this after. Yeah, we clicked instantly. And then so 15 I’m thirty six, you know.

Simon Huck:
Oh my God. I can’t believe you guys have been friends for that long. It’s we were kids first. And isn’t it crazy. I mean, you guys have always kept a really tight group but I feel like I’m thirty six now and the friend editing is so real, like you really only have two or three friends left.

No I think it’s, we’re so lucky to like kind of never really gathered all that many friends because it’s just too big a responsibility and people are quite shitty, you know, like we have a really great relationship and it’s hard to measure people objectively, like you’re really not supposed to do that. But I’m like, I kind of don’t need you. I have, like, the best friend a girl could have. Right.

And in this day and age, too, it’s like there’s so many best friends like Instagram friends.

And this is what the show is really all about, like having real ride or die best friends who may be in the public eye, who may not be like. And I think that’s what’s so interesting is like getting to know that person, like who is your emergency contact? Who do you call when shit goes to hell? Who knows where your bodies are buried?

And like I mean, there are bodies that their bodies.

But I think that’s the difference is and Malik and I are really good at knowing that we’re like, OK, we might hang out with a little borrowed friend from time to time, but they’re not like you’re right or dies.

You have to know who’s really just a feature and who you’re doing a fucking duet. And when you first see that baby, we’ve got multiple albums underneath our belt here, multi platinum, well and good with that. And we know that. But sometimes you need like just a different energy from time to time or if your friend is in a different place as you like. Maybe if I just got married or had a baby or just in a funk, you might not be in that same headspace. So you hang out with a little borrowed friend, but then you that’s not your right or die. And even if I’m not with someone else, Malik is still my emergency contact from. I mean, I’ve got to know about this person she’s hanging out with anyway, like I’m super overprotective, like, OK, fine, you can have a friend for five seconds. She’s no different. Like, I might just even hang around Korten like her group of people and like that’s a fix for me, and then I’m going to go back to my shell in my little home that I like to like. I don’t you know, I’m a creature of habit. I don’t I don’t like to leave my house. I’m I’m a weirdo. And it’s safe. Like, I feel safe there. I like to go where I feel safe. But sometimes I need to go to Kylie’s house and be around her group of people like that. Is it for me that gives me my Thach vibe?

Yeah. So Clowe 14 years ago and I don’t know how it happened.

I guess Ryan Seacrest was involved, made the phone call maybe your mom to Kim. Like what did you think when this idea of doing a reality show came up? Like, was this something that you had thought about before?

No, it was I’ve never thought about it before, I think Courtney did. Filthy rich cattle drive a jump appear. But she did that before. So she obviously thought about reality to some degree before. And Kim was obsessed with the real world and all that kind of stuff. But for me, I didn’t really think about it. And I think that’s the beauty of it, is we all went into it. We were told we were schoeffler and so, like, don’t don’t get too comfortable.

This is just filler and, you know, it turned into what it turned into. But I think with that going in your head, it wasn’t any pressure. I wasn’t like, oh, my God, the whole network’s relying on me.

You’re just like, OK, they don’t even think we’re going to last. So let’s just go have fun. And that, honestly, is probably the best method. When we film, we don’t realize we’re filming and millions of people are going to watch it. We’re just filming.

And it’s like you’re shooting a home video and then but what point did you start filming on the show and at what point did you realize that the show, both of you was like, holy shit, the show has become this cultural phenomenon like I can’t think of when I knew the show was like, oh, this show is big.

It’s just like one day I was like, oh, you just shut down fucking Soho.

Like, do you remember when Dasch open that Barack Obama? I remember looking around and be like, is this real?

So I you texted me when that was happening. I remember you live text me being like, oh my God, I’m in Soho with like the Kardashians.

And literally it’s like gridlock. Like grid. Yeah, yeah, yes.

Oh, my God. I mean, it was that I remember vividly. That is crazy. I remember when we went to Miami for Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.

And it was really the first time, like, we couldn’t really go a lot of places. And it was like just more like paparazzi are a little more fans. And that was because I think that was like season three after keeping up. We did, I think, our first season in Miami. And we were like, what’s like this? It just was such a different vibe in regards to fans or the audience where people would take pictures of us or follow us. But we were like, why? He was following just a different that’s when I became more aware, like, OK, we can’t do all the things we used to do as much, but I don’t know what.

Oh, no. Well, I literally felt like I was working at Dash when it first opened is like, look, we’re hiring.

And she knew I didn’t have a job anymore. And I was like, oh, great, I get to come be in the store with you every now and then. And then they were like, oh, and by the way, they’re going to bring a camera in here. And I was like, I wasn’t showing it to the camera, but like, it’s something my best friend’s doing. Like you you support you do whatever she’s doing. And it wasn’t until, like, they started filming more and moving around more. And I was like, wait, she’s not in the store with me anymore. She really cannot be here all the time. And I ended up being she’s like, OK, look, you don’t want to be here without me. Like, come work with me. And then I ended up running around the world with her.

So it’s like, yeah. So I feel like since the very beginning and keeping up like it was it was like she says exactly. For her it was a transition. She committed to doing something, not thinking it was going to be as long or maybe as successful. And like I was like, whatever it is you’re doing, I’m right there with you. And it became a vehicle that I now believe is like one of the most incredible, incredible blessings you can have with a friend. Like how many best friends can actually say that they’ve been able to, like, play together, work together, sustain together, even for this period of time? It’s it’s been amazing.

It’s it’s unheard of. It’s like once in a while, like this many years. Fourteen.

And you were Chloe’s assistant at one point. Yeah. And how did that affect the friendship or was it I mean, obviously you you came out better on the other side, but that’s how I you know, there were growing phases.

There were times when I realized, like, I had signed up to do a job. And you really do want to be with your best friend. But I really didn’t want to be an assistant anymore.

I was like I started having a career and kind of fell out of it. And Chloe was another security blanket that I had. And one thing I hated was like I was at her house all day long. And then when it came time to be a friend, I was like, I want to go home like I love you, but I really don’t want to see you any more today, you know? And and that’s when you start to notice, like, look, what’s more important to me is the relationship and love it. Luckily for me and Chloe and the position that she has and could provide me to still be a part of this growing success that she had, it didn’t separate us. We we’ve had transitions and we’ve been able to get to like the tougher things are that not so yummy conversations and then, like, use that as. Tools to build us and our relationship moving forward, because, I mean, it’s been it’s been many years since I was her assistant, but I learned so much from her, which is why I think I’m very organized now than most.

And is it people ask me this all the time just by proxy, like, is it exhausting feeling like you have to share some of the most intimate moments of your life?

Like, are there moments where you say Kris Jenner, like both of you, because you share big parts of your life, too, like Kris Jenner, like I cannot share this moment. Like, can this just be one thing we keep private? And is that like a discussion you actually have or is it more just like the undercurrent?

I think that’s the blessing of like we’ve had our same film crew, Murray, since day one, so with their essentially literally like our second family, and if we say to someone like of course, if they see something in the press that, OK, let’s talk about it, that’s their job.

But if we say, you know what, I’m that’s off limits, I’m not comfortable. Not once have they ever been like, fuck you, we’re still doing it. They are, because we have given so much and we are so open. So if we do say no, this is off limits or I can’t or I don’t want to, because what people don’t get when you do the show, you’re filming it months ahead of time.

So you film it, which is already and that’s in the moment. So your high emotions, you’re going through it. Then you wait about a month or two and then you do your interviews and then you do your on camera. Then you’re kind of reliving it and you’re like, oh, jeez, I thought I was past this. And then the show airs and you either see the promo footage the week prior, then the episode airs and then the aftermath of social media. And yes, that might not be a big deal hearing it. But if you’re talking about something that’s so sensitive to you or something that was traumatic or emotional, you’re now being, like, forced to relive all these emotions.

So, yes, we’ve done so many things and we’ve talked about probably are the most highs and lows in our life.

But if there is something that’s just off limits, I think everyone at this point gets it because that’s really been a button we’ve pushed once or twice. And for me, I can’t even I don’t even know something for me specifically.

I mean, you share some of the most vulnerable moments in your life you shared. And it’s been I think that’s why. And we’re going to get to this in a sec because I get goose bumps even thinking about it. But then the announcement was made. People it’s like I feel like I’m in mourning and I’m not even on the show. I’m like exhilarate character in the trees. But like, I just feel like it has been like watching you guys as a family. I mean, everything you’ve all had these kind of incredible stories. And to think that it’s not happening anymore is like it’s well, it’s devastating.

Yeah, and it’s it’s devastating, I think, for all of us as well.

I know the day it happened, Milik and I were talking throughout the day like checking in on each other because you don’t have to be a main character, quote unquote, on the show. It’s you’re still a part of this journey. And from day one, even if you were in the first episode or not, you have been you, Simon, you, Mallika, you guys have been our family. So you’re on this journey with us and that emotional support everything. So just for any chapter to end, that doesn’t mean everything’s ending for good. That just means there’s room for another chapter to open. But that doesn’t mean that it’s still sad when you close that book.

And it’s it is sad. But we’ve been doing this for, you know, about 15 years and it’s been and not doing it for three months, one year and then three months. And it’s literally we get like two weeks off a year. It’s exhausting. We love it. But, you know, we’re all in a different place in our lives and we all have businesses and families. And I think just some of us really need a little now fun at a moment.

And it was a decision that you felt like you guys all kind of unanimously were like, OK, this is the right decision or does it hit you in waves where you’re like six months ago? Courtney’s not really into filming or Kendalls not into filming or.

I definitely think it like for some need the time more than others. But I think that we’re all such a close family that if, like, we’re not going to push back on someone for me, like for wanting to make this decision and for I think that a lot of us just need it, I think to kind of reset and have some time off is important for all of us.

Like for me, I think it’s hard because I’m not good with change. I like the consistency. I like the same thing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break, if that makes sense. But I’m also sometimes afraid to take the break.

It’s the trap this time. It’s scary. It’s really scary. She’s right. I’m just not really great with change. That’s why I don’t like to leave my house and everything.

But I know it’s good. I know it’s probably the best thing for all of us, but it hits me in waves like today. I’ve been nauseous all day and I know I have anxiety.

It’s kicking in. What about you, Melika?

Like when you heard the decision, were you shocked? Did you feel like it was something that was coming for a long time?

I had a gut feeling that maybe after season 20, it wouldn’t happen anymore. I didn’t even feel the need to bring up something like that because I feel like it’s like guessing whether a woman is pregnant or not. You just don’t know. You just kind of like someone.

And I know kids who say, like, let them speak on their own terms. And although I feel like I’m privy to some of the like behind the scenes things that may happen or plans that are coming. Nothing can prepare you for the consistency that has been provided in this relationship that I have with Khloe and her family. And I’m a little emotional because I’m also very tired.

But it’s a it’s a flood of emotion. There’s a lot of like I have like a shit ton of memories that I would like. I never would have thought I would have gotten these with my best friend. And not only that, I have all the videos, I have every episode, like there’s a lot of grace and a lot of things to be very thankful for. And I was checking on Khloe, as she said, and I just like I have such anxiety, like this has been the most consistent thing that I’ve known over the last.

14 or 15 years. Yeah, and but I am also I do have another wave of faith, and I do know that you do have to close sometimes really amazing chapters to see other great things flooded. And I’m excited for that for Chloe, because she doesn’t know what her true potential is. But it’s going to be until she gets this space, until she starts to allow herself to tap into some of those other really unique areas that she’ll flourish in.

Oh, my God, Bilic.

I love you, Baleka. You are like the nicest, best friend ever. Honestly, how sweet is that? I was, like, tearing up, I believe is the.

I think that’s so sweet. I mean, what a testament to your friendship, though. Guys that like you can go through this crazy experience together and still be this genuinely close. There can’t be that many friendships like that out there. It’s pretty special, I think. I mean, it’s amazing that you’re so that you have what you have and whether all these storms and you you have the tapes to show it now, it’s an extreme blessing.

It really is. And I think because of all the storms we have weathered, we have this great, I think, respect and admiration for one another. And we just we just know like that we’re always by each other’s side. It’s just like not even a question. I don’t even think like, oh, Aliko won’t be my friend. It’s how I am with my sisters. Like, we can say the craziest stuff to one another. And I’m like, I don’t care if she’s right, but I still have, like. Respect and love, it’s a it’s just like you just know it’s solid and it’s there. But with all that being said, I mean, people say like, oh, why are you sad if this was a choice of yours and you can still end something on your own and still just know, like, you know, either I’m not going to see the crew every day or I’m not going to just the little things that you’re so used to. And I’m not I don’t know why that’s so questionable to so many, but I get that question. I see that a lot.

And it’s still you’re allowed to still be sad, even though you’re the how and how has motherhood changed the friendship? Like, have you guys constantly texting all day long? Like, what do I do? What don’t I do? What’s working, what’s not?

Oh, I’m always I’m always on her line. Seriously. I’m like, oh my God, I hear the winds and the love. I’m like, like right. I’m like, Chloe, he won’t sleep. You told me do this. I swear to God I didn’t. She said they’re going to change. He’s going to he’s fine. Like, OK, he cried. He’s not going to remember. He’s not going to hate you. So I know that’s what you think it like.

He just it’s a lot of coaching, but I think us having babies together, which was always something I pictured in our lives, is amazing because like our kids love each other. It’s so cute to watch.

It’s so cute. And the fact I think it was probably different from Aliko when I had a kid and she didn’t because that would be weird for me if she had one and I did and be like, OK, now what? But now that we each have like even when she was pregnant, I was like, OK, hurry up, let’s get out of here. And now that the babies get to interact and be friends and I mean, they’re young, like they’re not having conversations, but we think, like, they they’re just like two is so great with a and it’s really I think that dynamic is cool. And then we get to have mommy. Why that’s so lovely.

Do you guys think that you are that you sort of have the same approach or is one of you really rigid and one of you is? I know it’s like you’re a few months behind Khloe, but would would you say you’re both rigid or you’re both laid back or like, how does that come into play now that you both have kids?

I think I’m pretty strict and firm, like I like I’m militant, I have a schedule and nothing’s breaking the schedule and I believe sleep training I believe in like this is the time to eat. This is the time to take a nap. This is brushing your teeth time. I’m in saying, like in my bed hasn’t had artificial sugar. Like, the first time I did was just like. Two months to, though, because my mom gave her so it’s always the grandparents, it’s always the grandparents, but thing that I really appreciate from Aletha is I try not to give unsolicited advice, but if she asks me, I try to give it to her in a way where someone won’t get defensive, because I’m not saying she’s wrong at anything, but Malika takes things so well. And that’s like a gem because then I’m not afraid to tell her like she did. She was doing something. I was like, well, maybe do it this way. And she was like, oh my God, you’re so right. I said, like, I was I Googled something and I sent her some articles and I was like, I’m afraid to say this, too, but do whatever you want. And she’s like, oh, my God, thank you. If it wasn’t like she just took it so well or other people I know would be like, well, you don’t know what you’re I’m alone.

I’m tired. I was like, no, I just think you make better decisions when you’re educated and you have to be open.

Like, I don’t want to do this thing alone. I don’t know who wants to do it alone. Like you’re not always right. You’re not always wrong.

But like, some people have a little more experience in areas and I trust her opinion don’t have to do everything she says. But I can I can receive it. Right.

But that’s amazing because when especially when it comes to kids, people can be very it’s really hard because you as a mom, I feel like you have the impulse to want to offer a suggestion of something that’s worked for you.

But like you said, it’s not always well received. And so it’s kind of like a tricky thing to navigate a.

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Simon and Khloé met when she was Nicole Richie’s assistant and Simon was Jonathan’s assistant. Khloé said her and Nicole were best friends growing up and she needed a job so she worked for her during the simple life days. She told Simon she met him “five faces ago”.

Khloé and Malika met when they’re 15/16, Malika was dating Khloé’s guy bff. He didn’t want them to meet and they know now that it was because he was lying to Malika, and he didn’t want her to find out. They accidentally met at his house and talked for two hours, then they went out that same night with Khadija, and they have been inseperable ever since.

They are each other’s emergency contact, Khloé says they may have borrow friends, or she may hang out with Kourtney and her friends whenever she needs a different energy, but she always goes back to Malika because that is her ride or die. Malika says she lets her have other friends for five seconds, but they are each other’s comfort zone.

Khloé says that Kim was obsessed with reality tv and Kourtney had been in a show before, but she was completely new to it and didn’t think it’d last, so she tried to have as much fun as possible. Simon says he realised the show had gotten huge when they shut down SoHo. Khloé says she realised in the first season of the Miami spin off because they were dealing with security, paps and fans. They couldn’t move as freely as they used to.

Malika used to be Khloé’s assistant, she said she learned a lot from Khloé, and it’s why she’s so organised now and she loves that she came along on Khloé’s journey. She said it started to negatively impact their relationship, when she was in work mode all day at Khloé’s house and when it was time to be friends, she was too exhausted to hang out.

Simon asks about the show, and if there were ever anything they didn’t want to show. Khloé says they’re really lucky to have the same film crew since day one and that they became like a second family. The crew would ask if they wanted to cover the stories in the news, and if there were ever anything they weren’t comfortable with they could just say no and it wouldn’t be a part of the show. Khloé says it can be hard because you relive the same trauma over and over again. You film it when it’s still fresh, then film interviews about it a month later, then watch the promo months later, then the episode air and you have to deal with the aftermath (the internet).

Khloé said they’ve been doing it for almost 15 years, that they’re all in such different places in their lives, they only get around 2 weeks off a year, and that some of them needed the break more than others. She isn’t good with change, she likes the consistency, she thinks it’s scary to take the break. Malika had a gut feeling it would end after season 20 but she didn’t want to bring it up. She thinks this break is good for Khloé because she has a lot of potential and she’ll discover something new. Khloé says she knows Malika will always be there, and it’s the same with her sisters, she can say the craziest things but she doesn’t care because she’ll see them the next day. She can still be sad over the show ending even though it was their decision.

Malika always saw them having babies around the same time, and they’re always talking about parenting. Khloé said it would be weird if one them had a baby and the other didn’t. Khloé is strict and firm, she is very militant. She has a strict schedule, she doesn’t give True artificial sugar but Kris did it for the first time a couple of months ago. Khloé is scared of giving unsolicited advice so she does it carefully, but Malika is very receptive.

Quiz time: Malika answered a bunch of questions and Khloé had to get the same answer.

What habit does Malika have that annoys Khloé the most? Khloé says it’s the crying.

What is Khloé’s biggest pet peeve? Malika said mess and Khloé said burping and poor manners.

What product can Khloé not live without? Khloé said powder or cleaning products. Malika said mascara

What is your most memorable argument? Khloé said it was over a truck Malika said Khloé saying she saw a UFO. Khloé said she was driving a hummer, she saw a UFO but Malika did not look up fast enough and didn’t see it. Khloé also filmed a UFO.

What is their favourite trip together? Khloé said it was Cuba. Malika said Turks and Caicos.

What is one talent that Malika has that people would be shocked to know? Khloé said braiding her hair Malika said it was untangling jewelry really fast.

What three celebrities – living or dead – would Khloé have at a dinner party? Khloé said Anna Nicole Smith, and her dad. Malika said Marilyn Monroe, her dad and Gladys Knight.

If Khloé could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? Khloé said Cuban food Malika said pizza or pasta

Besides your phone what material item would Khloé bring on a deserted island? Khloé said music Malika said a bathing suit or sunglasses

What is their theme song? Khloé said Golden Girls theme song Malika said TLC what about your friends

They end with a question for both of them. What would people be surprised about to know about Khloé and Malika? Malika said Khloé is like a hard boiled egg, she has a shield up but she is very sensitive and sweet. Khloé said Malika is really a fun wild person, and we don’t really see that side.

What is their last dm or text to each other? Khloé sent a quote and Malika said amen. They usually talk shit about everything.

They end with a multiple choice quiz about tsunamis.

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