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AUDIO: Will Ontiveros from Revenge Body talks about Khloé Kardashian

In Will’s Own Words:

Born and raised in the small farming town of Roswell New Mexico I knew at a young age I wanted to be apart of TV. I was always getting in trouble in school for talking to much. Which now I look back on as a badge of honor. Being a young gay person in a small town was difficult and I dealt with being bullied in middle school. After coming into my body and embracing who I was, I became well known in my town. I had my first taste for the camera at 15 when I was on MTV’s my super sweet 16. I felt like a celebrity and at 15 with cameras on you, it’s hard not to feel that way. I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico to attend the university of New Mexico to study communications and media. Which I planned on utilizing in TV/Film in some way.

I became the “face of FOX” which was a younger on the scene archer for my local news station. I completed my term with them and knew I needed to move to LA. I moved to LA at 23 with no solid job or plan. I believe my true calling is in TV because within two days of arriving to LA I met a film maker who hired me as their casting director.

I cast for a year and then started to get into producing. I associate produced for FOX and then moved my way up.

Senior Produccer on « Life of Kylie »

My recent accomplishments as a producer include producing Kylie Jenner’s new documentary series “Life of Kylie” I quickly moved up the ranks and became a senior producer for the show.

In front of camera I can be seen on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian as the “muscle cub” I was voted fan favorite and started to host E! Red carpets and appear in other E! Shows. Most recently I will appear on episode 1 of “life of Kylie” and now am a full time mentor on Revenge Body season 2, where I help others on their journeys giving advice from my own personal journey on season 1.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be inspiring people to pursue their fitness journeys I would have laughed, but now hundreds of thousands of people send me messages asking for advice.

Will talking about Khloé on 15:10 minutes, he shared a fun story with her



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