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(OFFICIAL) Khroma Beauty has now been changed into Kardashian Beauty


From Khloé’s Blog:

That’s right, we want to give you products that are true to who we are and that’s why we are giving our makeup products our Kardashian name. You still get our amazing quality products and a fab design, but now you can share our Kardashian name too! We’re still selling our Khroma products until they run out, so get those limited addition collectibles before they are gone for good, dolls!! Make sure you follow Kardashian Beauty on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! XOXO

The reason why they change Khroma Beauty for Kardashian Beauty:

Back in October, the reality stars were threatened with a trademark infringement lawsuit by Chroma Makeup who pursued an injunction but were eventually denied by the courts.

Then, Kroma Makeup (no “h”) accused Khroma of the same offense. In response, they were slapped with a lawsuit by Boldface Licensing + Branding, the company that represents Khroma Beauty, in December. Essentially, Boldface was hoping to put an end to all of this and obtain a legal declaration that the license for its makeup company was properly obtained. Kroma then filed a countersuit. Got it?

The most recent ruling in this legal battle — the one that temporarily prevents the Kardashian brand from continuing sales for the duration of the case — comes after the judge assessed some key figures. Since Khroma launched last winter, Kroma’s sales have dropped 25 percent. Without a temporary injunction on Khroma while the two companies sort out their dispute, the judge argues that the celebrity-backed company “will destroy [Kroma’s] business,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

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Where you can buy Khroma Beauty?

If you love the Make Up you will love Khroma Beauty by Kardashian Sisters. If you want buy some items, here differents website where you can buy: Northern Ireland & UK: Europe: USA:
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