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(Video) Khloe Kardashian Nearly Faked a “Heart Attack” to Skip First X Factor Live Show

No such thing as sick day for Khloe Kardashian! The reality starlet was so nervous about making her hosting debut on The X Factor in November that she considered faking a serious illness to get out of the gig.

In the March 17 of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Khloe, 28, complains about her rough first week on the show during their trip to London with sisters Kourtney and Kim to promote their Kardashian Kollection.

“I just arrived in London. It’s my very first time here. I am still upset about X Factor and my first week on the show,” Khloe explains. “And right now I need a little bit of comfort.”

“Do you know what I said to mom the day of, I go, ‘I’m going to fake a heart attack just so I don’t have to come. Because that’s a real excuse,” she tells Kim, 32, and Kourtney, 33, while they’re riding to a store appearance. “I am not a nervous person. I have never felt the nerves.”

Lamar Odom’s wife didn’t have the easiest start hosting the competition show with Mario Lopez. On her first night, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and exposed her left nipple through a sheer blouse.

“Hosting I think is one thing, I think live TV is another thing,” she says. “Everyone’s like yelling in your ear, like, ‘Okay, don’t ask that question anymore. And then they count. When they get to three, they’re like, ‘Three seconds to shut up. SHUT UP!'”

But Khloe’s first trip to London proves to be the perfect getaway to escape her worries — and also makes her rethink her career path.

“Being here with my sisters, saying hi to all the fans, seeing our Kardashian Kollection launch in stores — this is where I’m comfortable at,” she says. “This just seems so much easier and so much less pressure.”


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