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French Montana on Khloé Kardashian: ‘We Got a Special Kind of Relationship’

rs_1024x759-140705080955-1024.Khloe-Kardashian-French-Montana-Birthday-Vegas.jl.070514 French Montana will forever be linked to ex Khloé Kardashian – and her entire family for that matter – and he’s totally OK with that.

« We’re gonna be friends forever, me and Khloé, » he told reporters on Saturday while hosting an event at Las Vegas’ Marquee. « We got a special kind of relationship. That’s one of my best friends. »

While Khloé didn’t join Montana for his bash, the famous reality TV family isn’t too far from his mind or his work. In fact, he has « something special » coming out with Kanye West in two weeks. When asked to elaborate on the project, he said, « I want it to be a surprise. »

« I love working with him, » he said, adding, « he’s an icon. »

The two most recently worked together on Montana’s song « Figure It Out, » which also featured rapper Nas.

Aside from working on his upcoming album and a « gangster » movie he has coming out with Chris Brown, Montana is still finding time for his pals, including Scott Disick.

« He’s good. I saw him last week, » he said.

Asked if he though Disick and ex Kourtney Kardashian would ever get back together, he seemed optimistic.

« I don’t know. I hope they do, » he said. « They’re my favorite couple. »

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