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French Montana on Khloé Kardashian: ‘We Got a Special Kind of Relationship’


People.com: French Montana will forever be linked to ex Khloé Kardashian – and her entire family for that matter – and he’s totally OK with that.

“We’re gonna be friends forever, me and Khloé,” he told reporters on Saturday while hosting an event at Las Vegas’ Marquee. “We got a special kind of relationship. That’s one of my best friends.”

While Khloé didn’t join Montana for his bash, the famous reality TV family isn’t too far from his mind or his work. In fact, he has “something special” coming out with Kanye West in two weeks. When asked to elaborate on the project, he said, “I want it to be a surprise.”

“I love working with him,” he said, adding, “he’s an icon.”

The two most recently worked together on Montana’s song “Figure It Out,” which also featured rapper Nas.

Aside from working on his upcoming album and a “gangster” movie he has coming out with Chris Brown, Montana is still finding time for his pals, including Scott Disick.

“He’s good. I saw him last week,” he said.

Asked if he though Disick and ex Kourtney Kardashian would ever get back together, he seemed optimistic.

“I don’t know. I hope they do,” he said. “They’re my favorite couple.”

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