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Gunnar Peterson about Khloe Kardashian « She’s fun and she’s funny as hell, and dirty »

Khloe Kardsahian’s personal trainer has revealed how she wanted to lose weight but keep her famous killer curves.

Revenge Body star Gunnar Peterson – who has been by the reality TV beauty’s side throughout her fitness regime and helps plan all her workouts – heaped praise and revealed how she hoped to achieve her fitness goals.

« The goals were to get in shape, drop body fat – maintain the curves, » he told Mirror Celebs. « The goals were to highlight what she already has working for her as oppose to downplaying what might not be a strong suit, although I can’t think what that would be. »

He explained that while Khloe’s fitness drive is – as with everyone’s – a work in progress, she has hit her goals but then moved on to new ones.

He added:

« Working with Khloe on this, or working with Khloe on anything, is fun. She has terrific energy, focus, drive. She’s fun and she’s funny as hell, and dirty.

« She’s everything you look forward in someone to come into your gym. In any aspect of your life you’d be lucky to have a Khloe. »

Gunnar has worked with the star again on new reality series Revenge Body, and he is already excited to see the final results with it airs.

« Heck yeah I’m excited, and I’m going to party at the house, » he revealed. « I’ve just invited the trainers, a couple of people form production and the people i work with. I thought that was the way to do it.

« A lot of work goes into that, and I can’t imagine the guys on the other side of the camera – there’s so much behind the scenes, I just thought it would be fun to have people get together and celebrate it. we’re excited. »


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