J-14 Exclusive: Khloé Kardashian Talks Body Drama and One Direction

Khloe Kardashian Fansite Khloe-Kardashian-Generation-Know J-14 Exclusive: Khloé Kardashian Talks Body Drama and One Direction

On ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Khloé Kardashian is fierce, funny, and above all, real. And as J-14 learned firsthand when we caught up with her at The London New York on February 1, Khloé’s down-to-earth persona is definitely not an act put on for the reality TV cameras. This girl is as genuine and open as they come.

Working with U By Kotex’s Generation Know campaign, Khloé is currently on a mission to promote an open dialogue for young women to talk comfortably about their health and get real answers. We got her to spill on everything from her advice for her little sisters to her embarrassing body stories to which One Direction guy she calls an “angel.”

J-14: This is your third year partnering with U By Kotex, and the first year working on their new Generation Know campaign. What’s been the most exciting part for you?

Khloé Kardashian: I’ve always been all about empowerment, confidence, and owning who you are. I learned a lot from being bullied growing up. Generation Know is a website to really just start the conversation about your body, health, embracing who you are, busting myths. Sometimes girls you know can be catty if you ask them body questions, but Generation Know is a forum where you can go and have these conversations and ask anything you want. No one’s there to judge you and you get the answers.

J-14: Another problem is when teens’ friends tell them information that they just heard from their sibling or other friends — and it’s totally false.

Khloé: Yeah! My little sisters [Kendall and Kylie Jenner] even said to me once when I was telling them about different forms of panty liners and pads and tampons, ‘Oh, well you can’t use a tampon unless you’ve had sex, right? Because it will make you not a virgin anymore.’ And I was like, ‘Who told you that?’ and they were like, ‘The girls in school told us that.’ I was like, ‘No!’

J-14: Did you ever believe a health rumor that was just way off?

Khloé: My sister once told me that if you’re having a heavy period flow, you should sleep on your side because it will decrease it or even stop it — and I believed that for a long time! If I was on my cycle, I would always sleep on my side and then I heard the truth, ‘If you’re on your heavy flow, then you’re on your heavy flow [no matter what you do].’ I never want Kylie and Kendall to think that I’m too cool for them to ask me anything. That’s part of way I signed on with U By Kotex — I really believe in it.

J-14: It’s such an empowering campaign! On another exciting note, you spent some time with the One Direction guys when they performed on ‘The X Factor USA.’ Are you a fan?

Khloé: They’re the sweetest. They’re so down to earth and just really easy breezy. There are so many screaming girls going crazy for them — tears, everything — and they’re just so calm and cool. I’m close to Niall [Horan], and he’s an angel. We stay in touch. We talk.

J-14: If you had to set up Kylie and Kendall with members of One Direction, who would you pick for them to date?

Khloé: I guess I would have to know the guys’ personalities a bit more to decide. Kendall’s very quiet and shy and Kylie’s so outgoing…

J-14: Maybe Kendall needs someone loud like Niall and Kylie would go for a more reserved guy like Liam Payne? Opposites attract!

Khloé: Maybe! You know, I don’t know — Kylie might overrun Liam because she’s [feisty] like me. She’s a little mini me and I love it.

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