Kardashian Exclusive: What Khloe is Saying About Her Honeymoon and the Beauty Secrets The Girls Swear By

Khloe Kardashian Fansite 03-e1368867583853 Kardashian Exclusive: What Khloe is Saying About Her Honeymoon and the Beauty Secrets The Girls Swear By

Ok! Magazine: the whole world might be busy trying to Keep Up With the Kardashians, but OK! managed to score a few minutes of their time to get them to answer some of our burning beauty and fashion q’s. Hear what Kim, Khloe, and Kourt have to say about vacay plans, fashion trends they’re loving, and how to look cute this summer.

OK!: What’s your trick for perfect, sun-kissed skin in the summer?
Kim: I love looking bronzy and glowy, so I make sure I exfoliate first so that I get an even tan. Then I apply self tanner and make sure to wash my hands after! I now know my body and which areas get darker, so for example my legs don’t need as much tanner as my upper body does!

OK!: How can you prevent a self-tanner situation going badly?
Khloe: Make sure you add a little lotion to your elbows and knees to test it out first next time.

OK!: What’s your favorite color to wear when you have a tan?
Kourtney: I love wearing turquoise and yellow when I’m really tan.
Kim: I love creams and whites with bright nails.

OK!: You recently had to switch your makeup line from Khroma Beauty to Kardashian Beauty, how do you feel about that?
Khloe: We really loved Kardashian Beauty and our fans seemed to want that from the start, so it was a good switch.

OK!: How did you spend Mother’s Day this year? What was your favorite memory from the day?
Kourtney: The whole family had an amazing day—making brunch together and laying out and swimming.

OK!: Which fashion trends are you most excited about this summer?
Khloe: I really love jumpsuits! They are comfy and so chic.

OK!: Which beauty trends are you loving right now?
Kim: I love braids; I wear them all the time.

OK!: What’s the one reality show you can’t stop watching?
Khloe: Toddlers & Tiaras. I’m obsessed.

OK!: What’s on your bucket list for summer?
Kim: To take time off!
Khloe: To finally go on my honeymoon.

OK!: What’s on your music playlist for summer?
Kourtney: I like oldies but goodies, like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

OK!: Your family just went on a major Greek Islands vacay—what was the best part of that trip?
Kim: Just being together as a family and spending quality time in a fun new environment.

OK!: If you were only able to pack three things for a vacation what would they be?
Kim: Phone, Bikini and Kardashian Sun Kissed.

OK!: What’s the last text you sent or received?
Khloe: A picture from Kendall of her boxer dog!

OK!: Most memorable fan encounter?
Kim: At an appearance at our Vegas store, Kardashian Khoas. A fan gave me the cutest baby gifts, it was so sweet!

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