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Kardashian sisters depicted in a Las Cruces mural Thanks to social media, word has spread that the mural of the three young girls’ faces, each painted in front of a different crop — corn, squash and beans — on a wall on the corner of Locust Street and Corbett Drive, is in fact, a depiction of the three celebrity Kardashian sisters: Kim, Kourtney and Kloé, known primary for their reality TV show roles.

LAS CRUCES – A mural of three young girls’ faces with crops of corn, squash and beans in the background, is on a wall near the Locust Street and Corbett Drive intersection. Maybe you recognize the girls. They’re sisters — Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, aka the Kardashians, celebrities primarily known for their roles on reality TV shows.

On June 3, The Murals of Las Cruces Project, a community-based initiative that brings artists, historians, and the public together to document and preserve murals in the greater Las Cruces area, posted a photo on Facebook, featuring a side-by-side comparison of the mural and a photograph of the Kardashian sisters as children — before they were famous. The young Kardashian sisters are clearly the models for the mural. A similar post was made on the Facebook page the same day.

The photo was originally posted on social media by a Las Cruces resident who noticed the resemblance.

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