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Khadijah Haqq Supports Khloé Kardashian

One of her best friends Khadijah Haqq Opens a New Window. , a.k.a Malika Haqq‘s twin sister, took to social media in support of her pal’s words of clarity on March 2.

“I’m proud of you publicly living out your nightmares while complete strangers judge, dehumanize, and ridicule you,” the 35-year-old wrote in a retweet to Khloé. “No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. But we can show them better than we could ever tell them. 💋I love you.”

The actress’ heartfelt tweet was a direct response to Koko’s three-part Twitter statement earlier in the day on March 2, where she came clean with the world about how the cheating scandal has affected her since the news broke on February 19 and how she plans to move forward.

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