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Khloe and Tristan Thompson have a strong relationship

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s bond is better than ever.

The adorable duo, who started dating in September, is still together and getting much more serious, a source close to the couple told ET on Monday.

« Khloe and Tristan are amazing, » the source revealed. « Khloe is madly, madly in love with this man. She is the happiest she has been in a really long time. »

According to the source, Kardashian has « never been in a better place. »

« She feels really strong about this relationship and sees a future with Tristan, » the source added. « He adores her. »

The NBA pro welcomed a son with his ex, Jordan Craig, last month. Since then, Kardashian has been nothing but supportive of her beau.

« Tristan is very honest with Khloe, » the source told ET. « Khloe knew he was expecting a child with his ex when Tristan knew. It wasn’t a surprise or a bombshell, wasn’t something they had to work on. Khloe is fully supporting Tristan being a dad. »


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