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Khloe Has Tristan’s Car Towed From Her Calabasas Estate

A woman scorned!

Khloe Kardashian is putting everything Tristan own’s in a box to the left AND on a tow truck, bitches! Ms. Kardashian had dirty dog Tristan Thompson’s $250K Rolls Royce on a tow truck and had it SENT BACK to the cheating baller on Thursday.

After news her man hooked up with sis Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods, Khloe didn’t wanna see the whip in her driveway anymore and she certainly didn’t want to have him come over and pick it up so she paid to have a truck cart it away. He probably made out with Jordyn in this very ride! And who knows how many other girls!

We spotted Khloe driving the luxury SUV to the studio for a KUWTK taping last month but then the other day, she was back to driving her own Mercedes G Wagon. ‘Cause guess what — things weren’t perfect with Khloe and Tristan even before headlines revealed the Cavalier star’s relationship with Woods.

Seems Khloe had already started to pull away and had gone back to being an independent woman with her own car and her own life. Let’s face it; she knew Tristan would cheat again … she just didn’t know it would be with a girl who was basically like a sister to her!



  • Mary

    Yes! Khloe has had enough of his cheating ass! I’m proud of you Khloe! You deserve so much better! Stay strong Mama you got this! 👸❤️

    February 24, 2019
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