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Khloe Kardashian and French Montana cause a frenzy at MTV MAMAs Press Briefing

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2014 > 06 June – Khloe Kardashian at MTV MAMAs Press Briefing at the Playhouse in Durban, South Africa Khloe K and her beau French Monatana sure know how to make a grand entry!

Their security detail had their hands full trying to keep crazed fans, journalists, photographers and the public at bay at last night’s press conference.

French arrived at the venue a few minutes ahead of Khloe K and had us all believing that he’d left her behind in the hotel. But it was all just part of their plan (SNEAKY)

About five minutes after French arrived and journalists began bombarding him with questions.. Khloe K made her entry. And, let’s just say it was quite awks because journalists, photographers and fans just stopped paying attention to French, turned around and were trying to get close to Khloe.

At some point Khloe herself asked us to turn away from her and focus on French, the master of ceremonies also had to interrupt and ask people to settle.

One thing’s for sure, Khloe was there for her man and didn’t want to steal the spotlight from him…she made that pretty clear by not posing for photos while French was speaking. All the time she sat smiling proudly at him!

French who is visiting the country for the first time told The Juice that he’s looking forward to experiencing SA culture, going to see some lions and other attractions our country has to offer.

When questioned about his relationship with Khloe he declined to comment.

French said he was struggling to deal with Durban’s humid climate and complained of “sweating like a dog.” Lolz…he stopped talking at one point and asked his crew to get him a towel!

While the couple were being whisked out of the venue Khloe and French stopped seperately to take one of two pics with fans but didn’t really pose for pics together.

We also noticed that they didn’t hold hands while walking…French always walks ahead of Khloe.

They still look super cute together though and definitely made our night!

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