Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Criticism Over Her Touching Her Baby Bump

On Wednesday, Khloé Kardashian clapped back at people who, get this, ridiculed her for touching and holding her pregnant belly — you know, the very same one that’s harbouring a human life.

Kardashian joins a long list of celebrity mums who have been shamed for their parenting decisions. In the past, swarms of angry internet commenters have criticised Pink for cooking dinner with her kids, slammed Kim Kardashian West for ditching Saint in the hospital to party (she didn’t), and blasted Kelly Clarkson for letting her daughter experience the joy that is eating Nutella.

Of course, Kardashian isn’t a new member to the club. It seems that nearly everything she’s done during her pregnancy — and in one instance, something she did in her past — has caused people to throw a fit. She exercises too often. She shouldn’t be flying, but if she does happen to be at the airport she owes it to the paparazzi to pose for photos.

Here’s the thing: Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You’re allowed to disagree with how Kardashian eats, sleeps, dresses, works out, and travels. Heck, you can even take issue with her sex life, or lack thereof, with beau Tristan Thompson.

Ultimately, nothing that any of us thinks really matters. It’s her job, not ours, to make the decisions that best suit her life.

Now, can we all go back to discussing the important things, like how great it is that even Kardashians shop at Claire’s?


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