Khloé Kardashian Cooks Kidney for the First Time with Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Khloé Kardashian is willing to go out of her comfort zone for Tristan Thompson.

She cooked kidney for the first time on Sunday with her NBA boyfriend, and for someone that doesn’t eat meat, it was a harrowing experience.

“So when you are in love with someone that’s Jamaican, you do very strange things, and I’m about to make kidney for the first time,” Kardashian is heard saying on her Snapchat, where she documented every step of the unique meal’s prep.

As she gets her first glimpse at the meat, she can’t hide her trepidation.

“I feel like I’m on Fear Factor,” Kardashian shares.

Thompson steps in for the first part: cutting up the kidney. Although she admits to being pretty grossed out, Kardashian does say that her boyfriend is looking good in the kitchen.

“He is pretty hot cutting meat, if I just ignore that it’s kidney,” she says while filming him at work.

Pretty soon, it’s time for Kardashian to step in and knead the meat.

“This whole thing is disgusting,” she tells Thompson as she washes her hands afterwards.

Kardashian then updates fans that she’s going to work out with sister Kourtney while the kidney marinates.

Watch the video below:


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