Khloe Kardashian Fansite khloe-with-reign-and-mason-1080x450 Khloé Kardashian Defends Not Posting on Mason and Reign’s Birthdays

Khloé Kardashian Defends Not Posting on Mason and Reign’s Birthdays

Don’t come for this Auntie! Khloé Kardashian goes hard for her family, so it makes sense that she didn’t appreciate being accused of forgetting Mason Disick and Reign Disick‘s birthdays on Saturday, December 14. After noticing that she was being called out on social media, the 35-year-old took to Twitter with an epic clapback.

Some fans agreed with Khloé’s reason to not post birthday tributes to her nieces and nephews on Instagram.

“These adults swear that these kids are gonna be crying because they didn’t get a shoutout for their birthday,” one fan commented with three laughing with tears emojis.

“Good for you. Last time I checked we’re humans, not robots! As long as you say it in real life who cares. Some people are too sensitive on something that doesn’t involve them haha [sic],” another fan wrote.

Aunt Kylie Jenner, Aunt Kendall Jenner and Uncle Rob Kardashian didn’t post birthday messages for Reign or Mason either. But not everyone in the Kardashian/Jenner family follows Khloé’s lead.

Her sister Kim Kardashian took to Instagram and shared a tribute to Mason on his 10th birthday and a tribute to Reign on his 5th birthday.

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