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Khloe Kardashian design elephants for Noah’s Ark art trail

Elephant statues, designed by celebrities and artists, have been hidden around the 100-acre park in Wraxall and visitors can uncover clues to work out their locations.
Noah’s Ark is working with social enterprise group Elephant Parade which set up the project to raise money for elephant conservation and welfare.
The brightly painted elephants are created by local and international artists as well as celebrities and each statue is a unique piece of art.

The statues are pre-sold or auctioned after the exhibition online, and proceeds are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.

Jon Woodward, a spokesman for Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, said: “Noah’s Ark is delighted to support Elephant Parade through our summer elephant trail at the zoo.


“It gives our visitors a great chance to see the internationally celebrated elephant art trail and learn about the importance of global conservation efforts to protect these important animals for the future.


“It’s proving popular, its great seeing the crowds getting photos with the models in the sun today.”


Families will be able to take part in the elephant trail until September 3.
Visitors can download a trail map from the zoo’s website for reduced entry or pick one up at the ticket office.

Each of the 10 models in the trail features a conservation message and an elephant fact which gives visitors a clue to find the next statue.

Noah’s Ark has two African elephants – Janu and M’Changa – and a model of the attraction’s first elephant Buta was unveiled at the launch of the trail in memory of the animal.
Some of the artists and supports of the elephant trail are Khloe Kardashian Jack Vettriano, Ronald Ventura, Corneille, HRH Prince Consort of Denmark, Katy Perry, Diane von Furstenberg, Ferrari, DJ Hardwell and Virgin.
Why not visit the zoo between Monday 18th July and 3rd September and enjoy the colourful event as part of a great value day out with the big zoo animals? You can download a Trail Map from the zoos website and show it on entry to the park to get £2 off admission!
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