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Khloé Kardashian Gave Tips for Looking Thin AF

Khloe Kardashian is teaching her fans how they too can be picture perfect.

On Friday, the 33-year-old pregnant reality star shared her « hacks to look thin AF in pics » with subscribers of her app.

« Dolls, you know I’ve never met a filter I didn’t like and I don’t hate on Photoshop, but there are even more stealth ways to look like you have a sick bod in pics, » Khloe writes. « My tips really work, too! Study up below and get ready for your Insta comments to blow the f**k up, lol! »

The mom to be’s first tip is to know your angles. « Only allow your photographer to shoot from above. It’s the only flattering angle, » she insists. « If they shoot from beneath, you might as well have had like ten cheat days in a row! »

Her second secret revolves around the wardrobe. « Wear black or vertical stripes. Avoid horizontal stripes and prints if you plan to be within a mile of a camera, » she notes. « They add instant bulk. »

Finally, Khloe advises to work your body to get the perfect pic. « Make your arms and shoulders werk, » she declares. « Hands on hips. Bonus points if you angle sideways and use your camera-facing arm. Shoulders back and away from ears. Always. »

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