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Khloe Kardashian is back working out after trolls slammed her for exercising while pregnant

As Khloe settles in to her sixth month of pregnancy (and the first month living with the good news out in the public) she is bound to endure the plight of every pregnant woman: unsolicited advice.

  • Evidently after posting a few fire workouts on Snapchat that she completed with her sister Kourtney, the mom-to-be got a lot of heat from fans saying she “shouldn’t” be working out.


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    Dang Khloe, those of us who aren’t even pregnant don’t have that much motivation!

    But in true KoKo fashion, she fired back with a message (and warning) for her haters

  • The internet, which included practicing physicians and nurses, quickly rallied behind Khloe in support of her continuing to work out.

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  • Moral of the story? Do NOT come for Khloe.


    Let this momma-in-waiting do what’s best for her, and keep negative opinions to yourself

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