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Khloé Kardashian Odom Describes Worst Date Ever: « A Naked Girl Walks In… »

oupjjj Khloé Kardashian Odom has a certain way of telling a story.

Before she found love with Lamar Odom, she went on her share of bad dating experiences—and, in this exclusive clip from the upcoming interview special, Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashians: An E! News Presentation, she opens up about her worst.

« I met this guy in New York and we stayed connected as friends and then one time, I was on iChat, and IM with him and a naked girl walks in the background and all of a sudden the computer just shuts, like stops, » she recalls. « And then he texted me an hour later, like, ‘Sorry that was my sister,’ and I was like, ‘uhhh.' »

At least she can laugh about it now!

Find out more about Khloé and the whole family when Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashians: An E! News Presentation premieres April 21 at 9 p.m., only on E!

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