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Khloé Kardashian Odom Says Valentine’s Day With Lamar Is No Big Deal

It’s no secret that Khloé Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom are krazy in love.

But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the E! star doesn’t go krazy celebrating the hyped-up holiday.

« I feel like every day should be Valentine’s Day, » she told E! News Friday at the launch of her new scent Unbreakable Love. « I don’t think you should buy someone a gift or something just ’cause it’s Valentine’s Day. »

She (wisely) pointed out that the holiday « puts so much pressure » on couples. « Just do [something romantic] because you want to, » she explained. « I would rather you not do something on Valentine’s Day and do it every other day. »

That said, Khloé said she and Lam will probably go out to « a nice dinner » to celebrate the holiday. And we have a feeling the Clippers star will surprise Khloé with something sweet for V-Day.

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