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Khloé Kardashian Reveals She Had a Mole with Skin Cancer


Khloé Kardashian is using her own experience with a frightening health scare to warn others: « Check yourself frequently! »

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed Tuesday that after a few check-ins that turned out to be nothing, doctors did find a cancerous mole on her back.

« There was one mole I had on my back that was skin cancer, » Kardashian, 32, shared on her website and app. « I had 8 in. of skin removed. It was definitely painful because it was a lot of skin, but most of the time, the removals haven’t been that bad. »

Kardashian revealed that, because she has « moles everywhere« , she’s had quite a few panics in the past.

« A couple years ago, I noticed one growing under my breast. I immediately looked it up online and found out that if a mole is growing and changing shape, you should go to the doctor – so I did, » Kardashian wrote. « They took the whole thing out and they biopsied it. Thankfully, it was benign. I’ve gone through this process a couple of times and I am so grateful that most moles have not been cancerous. »

She added, « Now that I’ve gone through this a couple of times, I am extra aware of my skin, body and moles. »

Kardashian shared a chart on the « ABCDEs of Skin Cancer » for identifying irregular moles in the hopes of helping others.

« I’m writing this post with the hope that my story can get some of you in to see your doctor if you notice something wrong with your skin, » she said. « I haven’t had a problem in years, but wanted to share my experience with you so that if you notice something doesn’t look right, you will take action and take care of your health! »

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