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Khloé Kardashian talks with Metro nicaragua about Revenge Body

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The youngest Kardashian experienced a radical change in her body in the last year, and as expected, will share that transformation in a reality show, which reveals to METRO all the details.

And during that trip – and thanks to the power of social networks – I received many tweets that motivated me or in those who asked me: “How did you do it? How did you find the strength to do it? “And following Twitter, I came up with the idea:” Well, obviously I’m not the only one going through such a situation and struggling, and I’m not the only one who got lost and found the way “.

What would you like to achieve with this new program?

– I would love to give people courage and strength so that I can find the way. And the great thing about “Revenge Body” is that it is not only related to separations, it is not superficial. I have a person who saw his father drowning in front of his eyes; I have someone who was raped and after that traumatic experience gained weight. I have people who were mistreated in high school and others who are going through a divorce.

So I have people of all kinds who do not know how to get out of that dark place they are in. And I feel that I was blessed with a platform, in fact, we were all blessed with a platform, be it forty or forty million people, and we must use it in a positive way.

I know that Instagram and the social networks have become very superficial and I want to start changing that and helping people to transform from the inside out. And “Revenge Body” does not only have to do with the body, it has to do with strengthening mentally. This program is mind, body and soul. And it is not that people get thirty kilos in thirty days. It is about finding your own inner strength, of finding the enemy and conquering it. It’s me showing you the tools to handle things in a healthier way.

Are you inspired by somebody?

-Not necessarily. I like to look at bodies and think, for example, I would like to have the legs of such and such, and the butt of such and such. For example, Beyoncé has a spectacular rear, tall and firm, is not it? But I do not look at them to select them, because I do not think there is an ideal body. At the same time, I think it’s great to have women we admire and think, “I would love to have those legs,” or whatever.

I follow many pages of Instagram physical exercises because they motivate me and I like to see the bodies of other women, but I am happy with my own body. It’s our body! I am happy with my own body, what I want is to improve it. I do not like comparing myself to others.

Exercising with your sisters, is it positive for your relationship?

“Exercising with my sisters was the best of it all. I think it is very important to have a support system. And it was very funny. Before, I would never have thought that Kourtney could be so fantastic in the gym. She is tiny and one can imagine she is weak and weak, but in the gym it is incredible. It’s really fun to train with her.

I take the training very seriously. I like to be drenched in sweat. And when you can share that moment with your friends is something great. You listen to music and talk while you train, you do it and then you feel fulfilled.

I think if you take this path, you have to do it together, I think a support and friendship system is something great. I train with my boyfriend. I think you should have similar hobbies with your partner. It is very motivating. And I love to compete a little. Kourtney loves showing me pictures of her abs and I’m stunned. Because she had three children and she is spectacular. Now we are having an abdominal competition. That’s where we are now.

What would be the three most important tips you would give to have a “revenge body”?

– The three most important tips are: water, water, water. It seems silly, but I drink between three and four liters of water every day, at least. And my nutritionist says that water is the best there is, and I agree. It keeps you young. The hair, the skin, everything looks spectacular.

Besides, I believe in taking small steps. Propose small and achievable goals. I think that many people are proposing unattainable goals and then feel defeated and disappointed because they have not been able to achieve what was proposed. I think you have to start doing gymnastics maybe three times a week.

People always say, “Well, I’ll start tomorrow.” And they leave everything, carbohydrates, sugar … and they make too much exercise. and so is not possible. The body goes into shock. And then they feel defeated and abandon everything. So I think you have to start small and then increase. Before you walk, you must crawl.

As for food, I can say that when I left the dairy was when I noticed the greatest weight loss. I dropped five pounds in less than two weeks when I did that. And that was the only thing I changed. It’s not that I did any more exercise or anything. That worked for me.

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