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Khloe Kardashian talks with Refinery29. about Bffs collection

Khloé Kardashian, however, has been pretty under the radar as far as beauty endorsements go. Recently, she released the limited-edition KoKo Collection with Kylie Cosmetics, but now Kardashian is adding her own major deal to the beauty bloodline: the Becca BFF Collection in partnership with her best friend, Malika Haqq.

The duo, who have been friends for over 10 years, just launched a limited-edition lineup, complete with new products and formulas. Kardashian, a self-proclaimed “sucker for makeup,” tells Refinery29 that working with Becca is a full-circle moment.

“I’m a consumer first, and I’ve always been a fan of Becca’s highlighters and bronzers,” she says.

Kardashian names the iconic Champagne Pop and Chrissy Teigen’s latest blush palette as two of her all-time favorites from the brand.

But for the their first joint beauty venture, the besties focused on creating neutral and red lipsticks that can replace your everyday nude or pop at holiday parties. Haqq and Kardashian also created two face palettes with various skin tones in mind.

“Khloe and I would do our makeup together and there have been plenty of times where we couldn’t share certain things, like highlighters, because of our totally different skin tones,” Haqq tells us.

“But occasionally we would come across something that looks good on the both of us, so it is possible to have products that flatter a range of complexions.”

Beyond blendable pigments and luxurious formulas, the collaboration is deeply rooted in their friendship.

I haven’t asked [my sisters] for any advice,” Kardashian says.

“I’ve done collaborations with Kim and Kylie in the past, and I’m always left in awe of their work ethic. I’ve learned so much from them — but this is our own thing.”

The Kardashian sisters have a tight-knit bond that is invaluable, but Khloé and Malika also have a sisterhood of sorts.

“Everyone needs a best friend who is your sister,” says Haqq. “We all need someone we can rely on; someone who is your ride-or-die — that is who Khloé and I are to each other.”

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