Khloe Kardashian Will Be ‘Devastated’ ‘X Factor’s’ Not Asking Her Back

Khloe Kardashian Fansite tumblr_mgdz03JUjO1qc8do3o1_500 Khloe Kardashian Will Be ‘Devastated’ ‘X Factor’s’ Not Asking Her Back

Breaking news hit on Feb. 18 that Khloe would not be invited back to host ‘The X Factor’s’ third season. Keep reading for EXCLUSIVE details about how she’s handling the huge letdown.

“You know Khloe’s going to be shocked” that she was let go from The X Factor, a source close to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom tells exclusively. Turns out, even the Kardashian girls go through tough times once in a while.

On Feb. 18, the New York Post reported that Fox was bringing back co-host Mario Lopez for another season of The X Factor, but that they would not be asking Khloe to continue her hosting duties. The news is a huge blow to Khloe, who seemed to really enjoy her job outside of the Kardashian reality TV franchise. In a word, she’s devastated.

It was Khloe’s first time as a host of a show, and there were hiccups along the way, but by the end of the season she seemed to hit her stride and get comfortable with her duties. That’s why this will hurt so much.

“She won’t believe it and it will hurt her feelings real bad,” says the source.

Being let go by The X Factor is an unfortunate start to the new year for Khloe, especially in the giant shadow her family casts. Kim Kardashian is obviously on top of the world, happily pregnant and dating one of the biggest rappers on the planet, Kanye West. Meanwhile, Kourtney and Scott Disick have a growing family, while Khloe is still childless. And to make things even worse, her mother just signed a daytime TV show deal with Fox, and her half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s careers have begun to take off.

“She needed a break and X Factor would be the ideal escape for her to get her mind off s**t at home,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “It’s just another blow for Khloe and her ego has to be knocked a bit.”


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