Khloe Kardashian’s Lob Hairstyle: Celeb Stylist Jen Atkin Spills All on Her Makeover Cut Stylist secrets! While the Kardashian-Jenner sisters celebrated Kim Kardashian at a sweet Troop Beverly Hills-themed baby shower on Sunday, Oct. 25, Khloe Kardashian debuted a brand-new lob haircut styled in perfectly messy waves.

    Celeb stylist Jen Atkin chopped Khloe’s hair into the seasonal style that gives releaf to post-summer parched strands. “I love a ‘fashion lob’ for fall because it’s the perfect opportunity to rid any dryness your hair may have had on the ends from summer,” Akins, who attended the baby shower, exclusively tells Us Weekly.

Although a lob can vary in its lengths, Atkin says there is one that works for just about anyone.

“Right around the collarbones is a length that is flattering on most people,” the ManeAddicts haircutter says. “It’s not too short, so it’s a great introduction for girls who have never gone short before.”
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To give the long bob hairstyle the just-right amount of texture, Atkins prepped her hair with sea salt spray and Kardashian Beauty Volume Foam. After blow-drying her hair with a smoothing brush, she alternated the Kardashian Beauty 3-in-1 Iron and a flat iron to create a “lived-in wave.” She sprayed Kardashian Beauty Dry Conditioner, and ran a texture paste through the ends to finish up the playfully messy look.

Atkin revealed the fresh cut and styling on her Instagram the same day. “Guess who just joined the #ShortHairDontCare club! Do we like?” she captioned the pic.


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