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Khloé Kardashian’s Trainer Coach Joe Shares Her Post-Baby Workout Now that her baby girl True is nearly two months old, Khloé Kardashian is easing back into the swing of her workout routine.

“She wants to feel good in her body again,” says Kardashian’s trainer, Joel Bouraima (“Coach Joe”). “She’s motivated. And she’s already getting back!”

Joe, who began working with Kanye West in 2012 and then went on to train Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris Jenner, in addition to Khloé, says that her consistent workouts throughout the pregnancy helped her not only during True’s birth, but in the post-baby recovery.

“I worked with Kim when she was pregnant and I know how to do it safely,” says Joe. “Khloé was happy to try because she didn’t want to stop! We worked out until a month before the delivery. Not only was she healthy, but she avoided lower back pain and joint pain that a lot of women deal with.”

Continues Joe of his client, who recently posted an envy-inducing flat tummy pic:

“Khloé is like an athlete. Imagine an athlete not working out nine months before the Olympics? Delivery is an effort for the body. If you don’t prepare, it’s going to be harder. The body has memory. It’s a lot easier for her to get abs and a flat stomach back than for someone who didn’t work out.”

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