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As a shorter girl with a decent-sized backside, I feel like finding jeans that fit is a personal issue for me. Did you launch Good American because denim was a personal issue for you?

Kardashian: Swimwear and denim are the two most frustrating things to shop for. I feel like that’s why people stick to the brands they know—once they’ve tried something on, it’s too frustrating to try on new stuff. Emma and I were both huge fans of buying stuff online. You would order it, it comes to your house, and you can try it on in the comfort of your own home in regular mirrors with real lighting—no skinny mirrors or fake employees telling you that you look great.

Grede: [With the website] we’ve souped the [online shopping] experience up quite a bit. We’ve made a fab site, and styled things on three different models, a shorter girl who’s a little curvy, or a really curvy girl.

Emma, you brought up a « really curvy girl. » I know that you guys don’t like the « plus-size » label.

Kardashian: I hate the term ‘plus-size.’ I just think it’s so unfair. When did standard sizing become 0-12 or 0-10? We just want to break down those barriers and have standard sizing be 0-24. Period.

Grede: It’s kind of crazy because in a traditional department store, you really can’t find premium denim above a size 10. But all the research says that the average size of a woman in this country is a size 16. So something is not quite adding up. We were saying to each other, who decides the sizing? And then we said, oh it’s us! We get to decide the sizing. We’re just going to make [denim] for as many people as we can.

From the #AerieREAL campaigns to Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated cover to the rise of curve models generally, this has been such a hot area in media lately. Were you responding to this cultural zeitgeist, the need to dress the average woman, or both?

Kardashian: We’ve been working on this for over a year now. We didn’t just want to do a designer denim line in a vaster size range, but we wanted it to be cool. A lot of people who do offer the broader size range may not do cool, trendy looks. Timing is everything, so I think it’s just really good timing on our end that all these great things are happening and we’re launching now. Hopefully that’s the way of the future. I don’t want this to be a trend. I want this to be the way [designers] start acting and hopefully they’ll start implementing what we’re doing into their design elements.

Grede: It should really be a behavioral change. Our line is a response to popular culture. Things have really shifted—certainly in the media. You would hope fashion would be a bit quicker to respond to those trends. The girls I admire, be they Beyoncé or Serena Williams, have a curvier figure. In the fashion industry, they’ve always admired this sort of straight up and down figure. But popular culture has shifted, so of course our idea of a brand for today’s girl would follow that. Khloe’s right, timing is everything and I definitely think we have killed it on timing.

Obviously, Khloe, you have a few famous sisters. Have they responded to the line at all?

Kardashian: Kourtney has tried them on. Kim and Kendall haven’t gotten theirs yet, but they’re coming today. And I have told them, don’t BS me. We are brand new, I want notes.

Kylie and I had a little photo shoot at her house yesterday. The denim came in earlier that day and she Snapchatted them and when she tried them on, she said, ‘I actually love these!’ I was like, ‘actually?’ But then she even changed into a different pair of our denim and wore them out with her boyfriend later. That made me happier because she was wearing them when I wasn’t around. And you can’t force a 19-year-old to do anything. Especially not Kylie Jenner.

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