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  1. Dear Khloe,
    I can not imagine what you may be going through but you are the most devoted wife in the celebrity world. The way you treat Lamar is the way every woman should treat their husband. You are awesome and I feel terrible that you are going through this. I watch everything to do with the Kardashians all the time and I feel as though I know you guys at times! I keep reading about Lamar and I know if life were different for you this would be private as it should be. Now you have to share the problems in your life with this shitty world. Always remember life is good, and we always have something we should be grateful for. I no you prob wont read this but I felt the want to write it. xoxox keep your head up Khloe. You are a fabulous woman!

  2. Khloe,
    Your story is so beautiful. This is a reach for me, but I know you know, your strong, andthe whole right minded world adores YOU. Your real and deserve

  3. Khloe,
    You are a big inspiration to me. I wish growing up that I had a sister like you and your sisters. I had two older brothers growing up. You have been through so much in life and I admire how you have kept going and hung on and fought through all the hardships that have fallen your way. I watch your show as much as I can just to get the strength to go on. I have HD alot of hard times as well and am still going through some. But watching your show I feel so inspired by you and your beautiful sisters. I have so much going on,not near as much as you do. But I want you to know that I think you are beautiful inside and out and you are so strong. You need to do what makes khloe happy and remember that god loves you and so do I. Yes I am a complete stranger but watching you on TV and seeing you over come some many things has given me the strength to carry on and hold my head high and take care of my beautiful children. Khloe you are a true genuine person who deserves all the love and happiness anyone could give you. May god continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

    1. Khloe was strong for holding fast to her life routines by staying fit before pregnancy. Any haters need to think twice… pregnant women are encouraged to keep up their normal lives as long as possible during pregnancy. Lets face it…its tough enough without giving up your hole life to grant another, if the doctors say its ok, I say…let it ride. And that is what I did. I rode horses all my life and rode until I was 5 months pregnant at the recommendation of my doctor. Once I had my baby, I was encouraged to get back in the saddle, pun intended. Thank you Khloe for setting a stellar example for new moms every where. They don’t know it yet but getting fit again after pregnancy makes all the difference. I know. I’m the mother of two. Took me a year to re-coop from the first pregnancy and two months for the second. I was so much happier the second time around. Again, Thank you for setting a public example of how to adjust to being ‘mom’. I know you’ll be a great one!

  4. Khloe, I would really like an autograph pic from you…big fan from NY… Love your attitude…kind of like mine…Deb Satkowski. 282 Main Street Apt#1, Cornwall, NY 12518…

  5. Hello Khloe You are My Favorite, I love the Kardashians !! I watch y’all everyday! I wanna meet y’all one day I’m 20 years old and a big fan! I wanna get to know secrets on losing weight and stuff please let me know something

  6. i run a youth urban movement in cameroon west central africa region . developing youth with talents i know khloe have a jeans company we are interested in bringing your ripped jeans brand to cameroon . the movement promote and use ripped jeans in a more positive way to transform and impact life of young urban cameroonians

  7. Khloe…First off congratulations on becoming a mom!! No one is more deserving! I have been a huge fan for Some time! Im sure you get this all the time. You are a huge inspiration. I am going through a really rough time…
    But have had worse. I have something i believe can help us both in a major way if you could simply donate a few min to talk with me. Im sure it would be more beneficial for me realizing you probably don’t need much. I also realize the timing is the best for you have just been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. However life happens on its own timing. Please … God Bless and With Love..

  8. Hey Khloe!

    My son held a sign up at the game trying to distract James. Probably wasn’t a good idea. The guys behind us were immature and making it something else, and yelling at you. Apologies…and hell of a game Tristian. Best wishes to all three of you. Nice to have you in “The Land”.

  9. Dear Khloe I have been reading the comments people write about your posts and I have to say I give you all the credit in the world because some people just do not have the compassion or common sense to mind their own business and keep idiotic remarks to themselves that if I owned bags like that and had a beautiful litte baby girl like true I would go crazy taking pictures of whatever I thought I liked also you were right in a comment I read you wrote about giving someone more time of yourself you are better than that of course I do not know you and I do not live the lifestyle you live but you are an amazing mom and dont let anyone take that from you

  10. Khloe
    I just want to say I really wish I had your will power and courage to be who you are and how wonderful you look you have done wonders with yourself. I wish I could do that I have gone from weighing 120-125 all of my adult life til the past few years I am now at 225 I have lost all self confidence I hate to be in public I am so ashamed of how I look I wont take a bath or undress in front of my husband. I was wondering if there is any thing you can recommend me to start off with I am so depressed I just hate myself right now. You look so beautiful and really happy to see you pull yourself up and make it the way you have.

  11. Hi Khloe
    I’m so sorry for what you and your daughter have been put through. I’m so lost myself I have four children but I have no family. I have a controlling boyfriend of 11 years. I don’t know what else I can do I don’t want to be here no more. I love my children but they deserve better than me. I hope you and your family get through this I’m so sorry. Danielle x

  12. Hey khloe im one of your biggest fans. Was wondering if you could tell me where to find that spinning glass jar on last show that had candy in it. Their was like 7 jars connected. Ive looked everywhere. Annette Arena aalcasper96@gmail.com

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