Kocktails with Khloé: Episode 05 – THE TWERKTINI

On the Wednesday night (Feb. 17) episode of FYI’s hit late night talk show “Kocktails with Khloé,” Khloé Kardashian invited David Arquette, singer Kat DeLuna, actor/author Taye Diggs and Teachers star Katie O’Brien.
Arquette was the first to arrive, and host Khloé Kardashian wasted no time getting the update on his famous family.
David Arquette Still Loves Courteney Cox
Asked how his (almost) 2-year-old son, Charlie, and his 11-year-old daughter, Coco, were doing, Arquette didn’t miss a beat. “They’re doing great!” he said. Kardashian then steered the conversation toward Arquette’s rather amicable relationship with his ex-wife, Courteney Cox (with whom he shares Coco).

“We have Coco, so that’s the most important thing, just to keep a cool relationship,” he began. “We have Coquette Productions. We produce things together. We work together. We have Celebrity Name Game, which is a really fun game show, and it’s just awesome to work together.” After a pause he added, “I don’t know. I love her, you know? We were married for 13 years, and then we have the baby. You can’t just throw that all away.”

He went on to say how much he admired the Demi Moore–Bruce Willis–Ashton Kutcher relationship — back when they were all vacationing together and such. Apparently, Arquette thinks that’s the ideal situation for a divorced couple, calling it a “dream.”
But that doesn’t mean things are never tense between him, his ex-wife and his new wife, Christina McLarty. “It’s awkward too — like, we get married, and there’s beautiful pictures of our wedding, and there’s also a picture of me and my ex, and it’s like, ‘Ooh! I’ve been married before!'” he said as he cringed.
Later, Arquette busted out what he loosely referred to as his alter ego, which was a wooden puppet his grandfather had carved. The puppet’s name was Harley, and though Arquette was certainly no ventriloquist, even without such skills the effect was the same: creepy. Asked if his kids liked Harley, he laughed. “This one scares them,” he said. He then added, “Look at the hands!” and held out Harley’s stumpy wooden arm. There was, unfortunately, no commentary on what Cox thought of the puppet.
Kat DeLuna Has Only Slept With One Guy
DeLuna showed up wearing a see-through dress with a thong and carrying a tres leches cake. About 0.2 seconds after arriving, she was discussing her sex life (though it was a bit unclear how that happened).

“I’ve only had one boyfriend,” she reported, adding that she didn’t have her first kiss until she was 20. “But my brain is, like, a freak!” she said. Though she has an active imagination, it didn’t sound like she had much of a dating (or sex) life. She sighed as she admitted that she is “hard to date” and “always finds a problem with people.” She went on to announce that she has “only been sexually all the way with one guy.”

At that point, Kardashian jumped in, celebrating her own G-rated youth. “I was always chubby, and it saved me from being a whore,” she explained, noting that her weight made her less likely to be promiscuous compared to her other friends, who were “slutting it up in school.” Umm, good?

Taye Diggs Gets Deep

Meanwhile, Diggs tried to bring the conversation back toward the deeper end of the pond by talking about his children’s books, Chocolate Me and Mixed Me, which tell stories rooted in racial identity. (The first is about his childhood as the only black kid in a white neighborhood; the second is about his son, who is half white and half black.)
Kardashian asked about the criticism Diggs had gotten while promoting Mixed Me, when he’d spoken about his son being, well, mixed. (As you may know, people didn’t like that Diggs was labeling his son as anything but black.)

“I want him to be proud of both sides of his lineage,” the Rosewood actor began, “and certain people thought I was turning my back on the black side.” According to him, however, he wasn’t — his comments were just misconstrued. “I have a lot of mixed friends who consider themselves black, but to me there is ethnicity, and then there is identity. Ethnicity you can’t really argue, like, my son is half white and half black. You can’t really argue with that.” He certainly has a point.
When O’Brien asked him what the biggest misconception about him was, he replied, “That I only like white women.” Oh, also, he said he likes curves.

Khloé Kardashian Offers the Lesson of the Day

OK, there isn’t really a lesson of the day on this show, but she was clearly trying to wrap up with some thoughtful commentary — perhaps to balance out the twerking contests and discussions of DeLuna’s plans to purchase a sex toy for her grandmother.

As they all sat around Kardashian’s “dining table,” she reflected on how her father’s death affected her. “When my father passed away, this is super dark, but at the time I was so young. I was 19. I knew he was dying, but I didn’t take advantage of that time,” she said, explaining that it taught her the importance of seizing the day. “So now when I’m even at lunch with someone, I don’t like to be on my phone. I put my phone down, and I really want to interact with that person and have that lunch be a great lunch.” She paused and picked at her tres leches cake, and added, “You never know what’s going to happen later. I really try to be present in every moment.” And yes, those moments include meeting Arquette’s creepy wooden puppet.


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