Lamar Odom and Caitlyn Jenner 2015 Google Top Most Searched People

Lamar Odom, Ronda Rousey & Josh Duggar 2015 Google Top Most Searched People: Who Else Made It?

The year 2015 saw the emergence of a number of issues. In the middle of these news stories are controversial personalities who gave color and depth to the topics. Moreover, these personalities provided such interesting backgrounds that made the issues even more appealing to the public. So, who are the top 10 people who generated online interests this year?
1. Lamar Odom
The former Los Angeles Clippers star was found unconscious in a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada this year. According to sources, the NBA player consumed too much alcohol and drugs which resulted in his hospitalization. Amid the medical drama, reality star Khloe Kardashian, Odom’s estranged wife, came to the rescue and helped nurse him back to health. Apart from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Houston Rockets player James Harden was also put in the spotlight. Kardashian and Odom reportedly called off their divorce proceedings following the latter’s accident – a situation that was made awkward due to Harden’s romance with the reality star.

2. Ronda Rousey
Even prior to her defeat in the hands of Holly Holm, the former UFC Bantamweight Women’s Champ has been one of the most famous faces in the sport. Apart from her biting remarks against boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr, the Rouser has been known for her trash talking skills. In fact, Rousey’s stinging insults to the likes of Bethe Correia and Misha Tate have been turned into memes that thousands of netizens enjoyed.

3. Caitlyn Jenner
Although the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan has always been a popular bunch among the netizens, their fame skyrocketed this year. Everyone was shocked when Bruce and Kris Jenner announced their decision to get divorced. Kim Kardashian and her sisters all expressed their sadness over the news, but remained mum on what was to be announced next: the transition of Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner. In a tell-all interview, the father of Victoria’s Secret model Kendall Jenner revealed the struggles of wanting to become a woman for years. Bruce’s grand reveal as Caitlyn sparked a renewed interest in the transgender community and of course, a new TV show, titled I Am Cait.

4. Donald Trump
Republican presidential hopeful took on the spotlight almost immediately after announcing his candidacy for the 2016 national elections. Donald Trump caused an uproar when he insulted the Mexicans as well as the Islamic community. His racist comments pushed Latino stars to voice out their opposition of his campaign. Moreover, the airing of Miss USA and Miss Universe saw the departure of the other Mexican networks. Miss Mexico also withdrew her participation from the said beauty pageants.
5. Ruby Rose
The Australian star rose to fame in her role in the hit TV series, titled Orange Is The New Black. Ruby Rose also garnered media attention for her physical similarities to pop star Justin Bieber. In fact, the actress and the Canadian singer acknowledged their similar attributes and even used social media to show off their friendship to their millions of fans and followers.

Here is a complete list of the most searched celebrities for the year 2015:
1. Lamar Odom
2. Caitlyn Jenner
3. Ronda Rousey
4. Donald Trump
5. Ruby Rose
6. Charlie Sheen
7. Brian Williams
8. Rachel Dolezal
9. Adele
10. Josh Duggar


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