Lamar Odom Refuses to Sign Off on Old Terms of Divorce Settlement With Khloé Kardashian In Touch has learned that the $15-million divorce between Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom is about to get uglier as Lamar is refusing to sign off on the previously agreed upon terms of their settlement.

“Their prior settlement, which they signed off on last summer, was very clear-cut: The only asset they were splitting was the sale price of their Tarzana [Calif.] mansion,” the family source explains. “But now Lamar wants to get as much money as he can out of her because the majority of his own wealth is gone.”

“She plans to ask the judge to approve the same financial settlement she and Lamar previously signed off on,” the family source adds.

The source reveals that Lamar “has strongly hinted he has no problem asking for spousal support now because it’s not clear whether he’ll be able to play in the NBA again after his health crisis.”

“Khloé was stunned beyond words,” says a family source, after Lamar said he didn’t want to honor their original divorce settlement.


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  1. Peg Garrison Reply

    This makes me unhappy if it’s true. How can things be like this when Khloe rushed to his side when he almost died, and stayed there to be sure he was alright. She could have let the divorse go through but she stopped it so that she could protect him and make good decisions for his recovery.
    Lamar’s actions, described here, don’t sound like he’s thinking at all about what she did or how she feels. I hope this isn’t true. All Khloe needs is more pain. I hope this is wrong. I would be so happy to hear that she is happy again. I’m so sorry. Khloe.
    I wonder if all of the ‘ haters’ see things like this and realize that you are like all of us and have terrible problems. Maybe they would stop saying hateful things about you. You don’t deserve any unhappiness– from any source. Some of us care and want for you to only be happy. Be strong girl.

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