Lamar Odom Turned Away From Club Where Khloe & French Montana Are Partying

Lamar attempted to hit up Penthouse, a nightclub in West Hollywood on May 13, but he was told he couldn’t come insider. Keep reading to find out who was also with Lamar when he was humiliated by the doorman! Plus, French totally flicked off cameras as they left the club later that night!

cameras as they left the club later that night!

Lamar Odom wanted to go clubbing at but did he not know that his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, and her new boyfriend, French Montana, were partying inside? When he got to the door, he was immediately stopped and it was all caught by TMZ‘s cameras. But there’s something very fishy going on.

Lamar walks up to the door and has some words with security and the doorman. Then you see him walking away to his car with his buddies. But the red flag here is that E! cameras were reportedly there catching the entire thing, so was this staged?


But TMZ claims that the club was more concerned about Lamar starting a “brawl” inside club, and that’s why they didn’t let him in.

Meanwhile, Khloe, French, Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban were all partying inside.

Just a few days before they were together in Atlanta, where French was hosting a party at an Atlanta nightclub.


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