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(PHOTOS+VIDEO) August 18, 2015: Khloe on the boat in St. Barts

Khloe swims in a natural bathing pool after a 20 minute hike with her sisters and mother in St. Barts. Khloe was rewarded with a long relaxing swim in the beautiful blue water filled with sailboats as she ended the hard and long enduring hike. The group all then had their heads bopping in the water as they laughed and floated together. The then all were spotted soaking wet in their jogging outfits. Khloe and Kourtney showed off their tone bodies in their workout gear that were wet as their trainer chatted with them and joined them for a long walk back up the mountain to the main path.

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Paparazzi > 2015 > 18 August – Khloe, Kim and Kourtney work out in St. Barts

Khloe Kardashian stuns in blue bikini showing her curves on boating trip with sisters for parasail adventure in St.Barts. Khloe showed off her toned body as she had a fun outting with Kylie Jenner, who she shared a parasail ride with high in the sky. Later she was spotted on the boat with the group and later with her nephew Mason Disick. Khloe laughed and held her feet high in the air as she tried to avoid getting wet in water by the parasail dropping from the sky.

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Paparazzi > 2015 > 18 August – Khloe and his family heading on a boat in St. Barts

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Paparazzi > 2015 > 18 August – Khloe and his family on the boat in St Barts

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