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Revenge Body – Episode 1.01 – Promo, Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos & Press Release


Sneak Peeks

Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian: 101
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2017

Title: Muscle Cub & The DUFF

In the series premiere, Will’s weight gain turned into heartbreak when the love of his life ended their relationship, but Khloe and her roster of experts, including celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, help him get his life back together and understand the meaning of true love. After graduating from high school, Stephanie lost her confidence when she became the victim of bullying, but Khloe gifts her with the ‘best of the best’ experts, including a trainer who shows her the meaning of true friendship and forever changes her life.

[su_spoiler title= »Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian: 102
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2017

Title:Softball Sweethearts & Former Footballer « ] In an attempt to save their relationship, Sam and Nicole try to lose weight together. But once they begin, Sam doubts Nicole’s commitment to shaping up. Dexter is tired of his man-boobs and wants to shut his taunting athletic father up by getting back into the shape he was when he was a college football player.[/su_spoiler]

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