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The Kardashians Talk Mother’s Day — and Are Giving Away Pieces From Their Kollection!


We have a feeling that no one celebrates Mother’s Day quite like the Kardashians, who have the ultimate matriarch in momager and all-around force of nature Kris Jenner. And just in time for the holiday, the Kardashian sisters exclusively shared some fun memories of growing up in their household, with all the chaos and clothing-swapping that entailed. (And you’ve got to see the the funny Throwback Thursday photo we found of the foursome, below!)

If you can’t get enough of the Kardashians, Khloé and Kourtney will be at the Sears (where their line is exclusively sold) in Houston, Texas May 4 to do an in-store meet-and-greet for fans. Not in the Texas area? Read to the bottom of the post for all the details on how to win mother-daughter Kardashian Kollection outfits (handpicked by the Kardashians themselves!) plus autographs from all the girls. With a gift like that, you’ll be the favorite child in no time!

>PEOPLE: How has your mom’s style influenced your own?
Kourtney: My mom has always been into fashion. When I was a little girl, I would always play in her closet with Kim. She put the love of fashion in our blood.
Kim: My mom is always so well put together and really takes care of herself. It’s very inspiring to see her always look so elegant and flawless.
Khloé: Our mother has always been stylish. She is always put together in some way or fashion. She has inspired me to always want to dress to impress.
Kourtney: I have always admired her style and still do. She has an effortless style … and an eclectic style. Being effortless and eclectic are two fashion attributes I admire and also ones I think I inherited. Both of our grandmothers have always been into fashion as well. I have many of their pieces in my closet that I cherish.
Khloé: I love that [my mom] embodies being a woman [through her] fashion, beauty and skin care. We know what we know because of her.

PEOPLE: Anything that she still nags you about wearing … or not wearing?
Kourtney: No, actually! Her comments are always complimentary when it comes to style and fashion.
Kim: She does nag sometimes about clothes and fashion, but she means well!
Khloé: When I was a teenager I used to wear sweat suits a lot and she would always encourage me to get dressed up more. And now looking back I love her for that! At the time it was nagging but I understand why. Now she truly doesn’t nag about my style. She might steal my clothes now, but that’s a compliment!

PEOPLE: What’s something you always wanted to borrow from your mom’s closet that she wouldn’t let you touch?

Kourtney: She would let me borrow anything. She loves when we wear her stuff. I tend to take her older vintage pieces that she doesn’t wear anymore, so maybe if I took something new she would have a different opinion. But in general, stuff is stuff. What fun is it if you don’t share?
Kim: She is very generous, so nothing is really off-limits! I’m sure when we were younger, though, she wouldn’t let us wear her jewelry or her Judith Leiber bags.
Khloé: My mom and sisters had these amazing Chloé wide leg trousers and I always wanted a pair. But I was the young one and they were too expensive for my age, I was told. So I would always try and sneak my mom’s — but I would get caught every time. Now that we are all older we are all really great sharers!

PEOPLE: Kourtney, did your style change since becoming a mom? Kim, how do you think yours will?
Kourtney: Yes! I am always searching for stylish and comfortable flat shoes. It’s harder to wear a dress or skirt when I am with my children. I love to get down on the floor and play and go down the slide! I have always loved shorts and pants, and I just wear them more often now. And when I am out and about with my sisters, it is just more of an excuse to wear the clothes I don’t wear as often like some major high heels and a dress.
Kim: I will wait and see!

PEOPLE: How can mothers and daughters wear the Kardashian Kollection in age-appropriate ways?
Kourtney: I think it’s all about how a piece is styled. I love our blazers and jackets because they can be worn in so many different ways. Our leggings are for all ages. We do some fun fashion prints that anyone could wear, depending on what you pair it with.
Kim: Some pieces are so classic they are perfect for any age! I think our blazers are the perfect example of that. My mom and I always wear them!


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