Trina Is Dissing Khloe Kardashian and French Montana On Her New Song “F*** Love”

Trina is the baddest bitch. And will remain the baddest bitch for the rest of her life. After remixing K Camp’s “Cut Her Off,” and taking shots at French Montana and Khloe Kardashian in the process, Trina is back with her new song “Fuck Love,” featuring Tory Lanez… and guess who it reportedly targets? Khloe and French.

On “Fuck Love,” Trina never mentions French or Khloe by name, but her former relationship with French seems to be the track’s inspiration, or at least according to TMZ’s sources. With lines like, “I’m trying to make this love thing work/Next minute I be thinking gotta curve this nigga/Got nerve, tryna play me for a bird/I don’t want this shit/You can keep that purse/You can keep that whip/You can have that bitch” she’s out for blood. Unfortunately, French and Khloe have broken up, so there’s no “bitch” left for him to have.

Khloe seems to be doing fine since the break up. A TMZ reporter recently spotted her with the Kardashian Klan’s longtime friend, Game, and asked her how she felt about Trina calling her a bitch. Khloe replied, “I’m a sexy one.”

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