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Trina Is Dissing Khloe Kardashian and French Montana On Her New Song « F*** Love »

Trina is the baddest bitch. And will remain the baddest bitch for the rest of her life. After remixing K Camp’s « Cut Her Off, » and taking shots at French Montana and Khloe Kardashian in the process, Trina is back with her new song « Fuck Love, » featuring Tory Lanez… and guess who it reportedly targets? Khloe and French.

On « Fuck Love, » Trina never mentions French or Khloe by name, but her former relationship with French seems to be the track’s inspiration, or at least according to TMZ’s sources. With lines like, « I’m trying to make this love thing work/Next minute I be thinking gotta curve this nigga/Got nerve, tryna play me for a bird/I don’t want this shit/You can keep that purse/You can keep that whip/You can have that bitch » she’s out for blood. Unfortunately, French and Khloe have broken up, so there’s no « bitch » left for him to have.

Khloe seems to be doing fine since the break up. A TMZ reporter recently spotted her with the Kardashian Klan’s longtime friend, Game, and asked her how she felt about Trina calling her a bitch. Khloe replied, « I’m a sexy one. »

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