Khloe Kardashian Fansite khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-dancing-0abce991-df3a-4703-ab35-52ca0e41dc40 Tristan Thompson on Why He Doesn't Look at Women in Stands During Games

Tristan Thompson on Why He Doesn’t Look at Women in Stands During Games

SURPRISE! There are some NBA players who—gasp—aren’t always 100 percent engaged in games when they’re sitting on the bench. Some of them are eating candy while they’re riding the pine, while others are actually eating full meals hidden behind the bench area. Some are looking up at the JumboTron every chance they can get to catch a glimpse of what’s going on the crowd, while others—gasp again—are cutting right to the chase and looking up into the crowd to see if they can spot any beautiful women.

But according to a new Bleacher Report piece on the dos and don’ts of life on an NBA bench, there are many players who spend time on the bench doing everything except watching the game at hand. Heat center Kelly Olynyk revealed Gerald Green used to spend a lot of his time downing cups of coffee loaded with cream and sugar. Knicks center Kyle O’Quinn admitted some guys will complain about how much time games are taking. And Cavaliers forward Channing Frye said he enjoys the choreographed celebrations that take place on the court during timeouts.


Frye was also the lone player who spoke about how some guys will look through those in attendance at a game to see if they can find women. He said players will even pause what they’re doing to discuss certain women in the crowd.

But just for the record, Frye’s teammate Tristan Thompson said he is not one of those players—and he gave a hilarious, albeit predictable, reason for why he doesn’t focus any of his attention on the women who come to Cavaliers games.

“No, I got a girl, so I ain’t looking at a girl,” Thompson said, referencing his pregnant girlfriend Khloé Kardashian. “I ain’t getting my ass knocked out. I’m taken, so I’m good. I ain’t got nothing to look at.”


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