Khloe Kardashian Fansite true-thompson-instagram True Thompson Already Has Her Own Instagram Account — with 184K Followers

True Thompson Already Has Her Own Instagram Account — with 184K Followers

Khloé Kardashian‘s newborn daughter True is only 5 days old, but she already has an Instagram account with more followers than most users will ever accumulate.

The reality star’s firstborn child (who arrived Thursday weighing 6 lbs., 13 oz., and measuring 21 inches long) has joined the popular social media site with a highly coveted username: @true.

Her account is popular, too. As of Wednesday morning, it had 180,000 followers and counting, growing by nearly 1,000 followers an hour.

When you click on the tag, it leads you to an account that says it belongs to True Thompson, who’s following zero people. There haven’t been any posts yet, although she does already have more than 130,000 followers.

It’s easy to question the legitimacy of the account, since there’s no profile photo and no posts, but there is a clue that it could be real: the fact that her grandmother is following her. Yep, Kris Jenner is following the same account that she tagged, so it seems very likely that this is, in fact, True’s Instagram.

There’s also the fact that right when Jenner posted her Instagram, @true’s name was listed as “true789”, and now it has been changed to “True Thompson.” Perhaps this generic screen name was to throw anyone of the scent who happened to find the account before Kardashian announced her baby’s name.

There is a chance that the family has just secured her handle in case she wants to use it when she’s older, and in the meantime, it could end up sitting dormant. Then again, Kardashian could be planning to use the account as a way to document True’s life from the very beginning, which would be pretty cool.

It’s hard to imagine what a baby would actually post on Instagram, but as any fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians can attest, life as part of True’s mom’s family is never boring. It’d be cool to get a baby’s point of view on everything that goes on — and maybe a few pics of her in tiny Good American jeans, because honestly, is there anyone on Earth who wouldn’t want to see that?

Of course, we can’t know if the @True account is actually the baby’s (or will ever be used in the near future) until Kardashian confirms it, so we’ll just have to keep waiting for the official word. Until then? Well, it can’t hurt to keep an eye on it in the meantime.

If you’re dying for baby photos and updates like most Kardashian fans are, you might want to follow True’s account, just in case that’s where her mom decides to debut her first photo. True might only be a few days old, but if she’s planning to take the world by storm like her mom, this account is a pretty good start.

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