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(VIDEO) Ashley Graham Responds To Khloe Kardashian Body Critics

Khloe Kardashian slams critics for claiming she’s too skinny, saying she’s called out no matter her size. The hosts react to the idea of women being criticized for their weight, with guest co-host Ashley Graham saying,

« I am a fan of Khloe… Apparently, I lost 50 pounds in one day… I know as a curvy woman who’s in the public eye what it’s like – I’ve been too big, too skinny… all these things people want me to be, I can never fit into the perfect category… She’s just trying to better herself, and in bettering herself, she lost a little bit of weight. » She continues, « I understand, I am a role model for so many women who look up to me as the curvy icon, and if I lost all my curves… they would feel heartbroken about it… I’m not striving to lose anything, I’m striving for health. »

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