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(VIDEO) Destiny Odom: Lamar Odom’s Relationship with His Kids Suffered Due to ‘Toxic’ Marriage to Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom’s daughter, Destiny Odom, says her relationship with her father hasn’t always been easy – and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is part of the reason.

“Things changed when my dad married Khloe. Things were a lot more public,” Destiny, now 17, says in the PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly (PEN) feature, Surviving A Father’s Addiction: Lamar Odom’s Family Speaks Out.

“When your dad’s an NBA player that’s already enough, but when he’s marrying a reality TV star, things are so public and you don’t have a private life anymore,” says Destiny, adding to PEOPLE in this week’s issue that she recalls watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians at 12 years old.

“It was crazy that my dad was getting married to this woman that I used to watch religiously,” she says. “It was such a whirlwind, really.”

The relationship also created problems for Destiny among her classmates. “There were regular snide comments at school. And when his addiction became public, then it became a social media thing. Even people that I thought were my friends were saying stuff on social media. It was humiliating.”

And when Kardashian stepped up to help Lamar after his overdose, “a lot of people in our circle were confused,” Destiny tells PEOPLE. “Their relationship is very toxic.”

Destiny — who’s currently taking a gap year and wants to study fashion when she returns to school — says her father, whom she last saw a couple of months ago, is now a lot more open and more apologetic.

“I’ve had conversations with him just letting him know that I want him to get help,” she says. “But at the end of the day he’s a grown man and you have to want it for yourself.”

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