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VIDEO | Interview with ExtraTV

Reality star Khloé Kardashian got her revenge body, and now she’s having a baby. The mom-to-be was with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh today, talking about the second season of her hit show “Revenge Body,” and her pregnancy.

Khloé is 6 months pregnant and looking better than ever, joking with Renee that her glow is “just ferocious highlighter.” She added,

“I feel really good, I’m happy that I feel so good… I’ve been really lucky.” She’s looking forward to holding her new baby in three months. “It’s very exciting, but so scary too. You think of a million things you have to do and just finish, and you’re like, ‘Guess what, a baby is coming no matter what, so we got to get it done.’”

Renee commented that she has a lot of people in her life who have already had children, and Kardashian replied, “It’s a gift and a curse, everyone wants to give you their advice, I’m like, ‘Kourtney, you were the first one and no one gave you advice and you managed.’”

One person she is happy to have by her side is her NBA All-Star boyfriend Tristan Thompson, who just called her the hottest 6-month pregnant woman.

“He really is so sweet, he’s been a blessing, and how excited he is makes me more excited because I think no matter how ready you are, technically ready, in your life you always make up reasons why you’re not ready. By being so excited, he makes you feel okay, ‘I can do this, this is great.’ I’m so happy that I have him.”

The 33-year-old is staying fit and healthy during her pregnancy, saying, “Now I’m taking care of not just me, it’s also a baby… Making sure that I am perfectly healthy even for after baby is really important.” Khloé added, “I’m still working out, which some people don’t like. It helps with the snap back, I hear it helps with labor and delivery.”

She touched on her diet too, saying, “I am more aware of what I am eating in a healthy way, I am trying to not just satisfy cravings, but also put proper nutrients in my body.”

The reality star revealed how she and her sisters stay fit together, saying, “Kim and I are probably the most competitive with one another.” She smiled, adding, “It motivates us to keep going, and Kim’s body just motivates anybody right now.”

The 33-year-old is also helping fitness seekers get motivated on the new season of “Revenge Body.”

“I’m so proud of these contestants who come on, and they are so vulnerable, and sharing their story and what they have gone through and what got them in this place where now they need help and need to get revenge. For them to be brave enough to share their stories, I think with every episode it relates with someone in the world.”

She believes the stories and the work the contestants do at home are “what makes the show obtainable.”

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