(VIDEO) Khloé and Kourtney interview with Marc Malkin for E!

Khloé Kardashian insists she doesn’t weigh herself, but she knew she put on a few pounds late this summer when she went to the Made in America concert in Los Angeles.

“I had to wear a baggier top because I had rolls hanging over my jeans,” Khloé told earlier today while she and her sister Kourtney Kardashian were promoting Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons (premiering Nov. 2 on E! at 9 p.m.). “I was like, ‘Oh, I feel fat.'”

And things went terribly wrong at the show.

“I started dancing [and] and the whole ass of my jeans ripped,” Khloé admitted. “That’s how big I am—was, thank God. So I had to wrap someone’s T-shirt around my waist because my whole pants ripped, but I saved those jeans with the rip.”

Asked if she was wearing underwear on the fateful evening, Khloé replied, “I was not.”

Kourtney was surprised she went commando in jeans.

“I wasn’t wearing underwear—don’t judge me!” Khloé said.

Khloé now works out with celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson on an almost daily basis. “He’s changed my body,” she said, adding, “I have muscles I didn’t know I had in my arms. I need to get a six-pack—not a six-pack, but like the soft silhouette girls should have. It takes time.”

Even so, she refuses to diet. “I just love food,” Khloé said. “I eat things in moderation, but I like to cook.”

Khloé likes to say that the pounds she put on over the summer was sympathy weight for pregnant Kourtney.

“She claims 20 pounds, but I put on 25 now, and this is like months ago!” Kourtney protested.

“You don’t work out, so even when you’re done with the baby, it falls off of you—you are a freak,” Khloé shot back. “I literally work out every day and I beg for a pound to drop and it doesn’t, so you and I are two different bodies. I can look at a box of vanilla wafers and gain weight.”


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