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(VIDEO) Khloé interview on ITV Lorrain

Khloe Kardashian has opened up about why she lost weight.

Speaking about shedding 40Lbs on ITV’s Lorraine , the KUWTK star explained that she wanted to transform her body to help her mental health.

« For me, I would say that the tortoise wins the race, » she said. « My weight-loss was a really slow process. It wasn’t me saying ‘Oh I want to lose 20Lbs in 20 days. It was more emotional than that.

« I did it to feel mentally strong. I know I’m big boned. But once I started eating better, the weight fell off naturally. Then I decided to get a trainer and then I got a nutritionist.

« Once I then started to take my health more seriously, I noticed definition in my arms – and seeing that motivates you. You feel good both mentally and physically. »

Although Khloe is now in better shape than ever, she confessed she still doesn’t feel comfortable in a bikini.

Unlike her sister Kim Kardashian, she isn’t as confident when it comes to showcasing her curves.

« I just don’t think you need to show everything to be sexy, » she added. « I think bikinis are great but I don’t feel comfortable in them. So I’m a one piece girl. »

She added: « If you’ve got it then I’m all for flaunting it but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini all the time. »

During her appearance on the show, Khloe also revealed she consults her famous sisters before sharing information on social media.

The reality beauty, who has been through a seriously stressful year after her estranged husband Lamar Odom almost died, regularly asks her siblings for their opinion before she tweets.

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