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VIDEO | Khloe Kardashian & Emma Grede talk about Good Body

After launching in October with denim, Khloé Kardashian’s fashion line is expanding. On June 22, Good American will include Good Body, an 11-piece collection of bodysuits.

With her co-founder, Emma Grede, Kardashian has made a collection of bodysuits in three different styles to compliment girls of all shapes and sizes.

« We have a classic full butt, a date night butt, which is a tanga, so it’s like half way in, and then we have the thong. We also have this beautiful seaming that accentuates your curves if you have them. And if you haven’t, and you’re a little more straight up and down, it kind of makes you look like you have this hour glass figure, » explained Grede, whose husband Jens Grede is the mastermind behind Frame denim.

Ranging from a leopard print off-the-shoulder look, to a long-sleeved mesh suit with stars all over the body, the designs are simple but interesting.

The duo’s company mantra is to make woman feel confident in what they wear.

« Everything we have put into the garment is about at the end of the day making the women feel their absolute best, » explains Kardashian.

All of the the new silhouettes will be available on the brand’s e-commerce site Thursday, and range in price from $129-$189. Like their denim, available in sizes 00 to 24, the bodysuits will be offered in sizes 0-6, to include women of all shapes and sizes.

Check out Khloé and Emma talking about their new creation below.


Good BodyGood BodyGood BodyGood BodyGood Body

See the price and model(below):

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