(VIDEO) The Most Romantic Gift Lamar’s Ever Gotten Khloe

Who knew NBA star Lamar Odom was such a romantic?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Khloe Kardashian revealed to ET the most romantic gift her husband Lamar Odom has ever given her at their fragrance launch for Unbreakable Love, at the Sears in Downey, CA.

I will say the year that we launched Unbreakable Bond [the couple’s first fragrance] and we were in Orlando, and Lamar was in another city playing a game and he was meeting me there, so I flew to the hotel before him. And when I got there — we got married on the date of the 27th — he had gotten 27 dozen roses set up in the whole hotel room. And he wasn’t even in that city yet!,” Khloe gushed.

But despite the romantic gesture, she shared why she’s not that into celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“I’m not a big — like, I love Valentine’s Day — but I don’t think someone should get you a gift just because it’s Valentine’s Day,” she said. “I’m more about spending time — I feel like you should do nice things because you want to — not because you’re forced.”

But one gift she undoubtedly thinks would be great for Valentine’s Day?

The couple’s third fragrance Unbreakable Love, which she said even Lamar’s teammates are big fans of.

“His whole team actually asks for it,” she revealed. “We gave them all for Christmas Unbreakable Joy. They all asked for it. And for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be giving them all Unbreakable Love. I’m putting them in their locker room.”

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