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What It’s Really Like to Be Khloé Kardashian’s Stylist – Janelle Miller Spills the Inside Scoop

Janelle Miller has been styling Khloé Kardashian for the past year and helped her experiment with new looks!

All eyes are on Khloé Kardashian‘s outfits every time she steps out or posts a pic for her nearly 92 million Instagram followers. And one way she gets such picture-perfect outfits is thanks to the work of her stylist, Janelle Miller.

“I first met Khloé when I assisted on a Redbook shoot years ago. I don’t know if she would even remember that,” Miller tells PEOPLE exclusively. “But our working relationship really began when I was assisting stylist Monica Rose.”

Kardashian, 34, tapped Miller to work as her main stylist about one year ago and ever since, they’ve hit it off. Miller has dressed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star in some of her most daring looks, including the slouchy, sexy Ong Oaj Pairam suit she wore to Watch What Happens Live, the sheer mesh LaQuan Smith catsuit that she wore in Las Vegas and the strapless Toni Maticevski gown with side slit seen at the People’s Choice Awards.

Miller was also responsible for the crystal covered Monica Ivena crop top and cascading high-low tulle skirt that Kardashian wore to the Kardashin Christmas party, where she matched with daughter, True.

“I think she definitely knows what she likes but has gotten more comfortable exploring other styles and stepping out of the box,” Miller says.

“She loves to show off her incredible legs that she’s always working out and her chest,” Miller says. But the one thing you’ll never catch Kardashian in: “She would definitely never wear fringe.”

When Miller heads to Kardashian’s home for fittings, the stylist says they “always” have so much fun it’s almost like a party.

“Khloé always has music blasting. Baby True will come in crawling and around and playing — always distracting me, because she’s so cute!” Miller says. “Khloé and her have the cutest mother-daughter bond. Sometimes True comes in and plays among the clothes, too. She’s the most adorable baby.”

Miller considers herself lucky to work for Kardashian, because she “just really loves Khloé as a person in general.”

She says: “Even if I didn’t work for her, she has the best energy out of anyone I’ve ever met. She’s just overall an amazing person to be around.”

About the Looks for Kourtney 40th birthday party:

Khloé and her stylist Janelle Miller teamed up with Kuwait-born designer Yousef Al-Jasmi, known for his intricate embellished designs, to make a custom look for the star. Al-Jasmi constructed a sparkling high-neck column dress covered in Swarovski crystals and beads with a matching headpiece, which he says is valued at $6,500. And according to Al-Jasmi, the reality star, 34, knew exactly what she wanted right from the start.

“Both Khloé and Janelle were very involved, sending over screenshots from my Instagram and inspiration photos to work off of,” Al-Jasmi tells PEOPLE exclusively. “They knew the exact look they wanted to achieve, so we worked very closely to perfect the design, from the color to crystals.”

Miller, who has been styling Khloé for approximately one year after previously assisting the star’s former stylist Monica Rose, agreed with Al-Jasmi.

“[Khloé’s] very involved. She knows exactly what she likes and what looks good on her. Even though I like to think I have all the ideas!” Miller tells PEOPLE exclusively with a laugh.

Al-Jasmi says the vibe the star wanted to go for was “sexy, elegant and overall fun, mimicking her personality.” Miller adds: “I love that Yousef instantly gets it! Khloé will send over inspiration of what she wants and he just gets it. He has designed for her so many times that he just seems to understand her vision from the start.”

He adds: “While it’s extravagant with the mix of Swarovski crystals and beaded elements, it’s comfortable to wear. It almost becomes a second skin.”

Ultimately, Al-Jasmi says he was honored Khloé chose him to create her gown for such a special family occasion. He says, “This is the first time making something for her since she gave birth to True. It’s very humbling that she chose to wear my design for [Kourtney’s birthday].




We sketched the look and sent it over to Khloé and her stylist for their approval. After settling on a color, it took us less than a week to make, with a week set aside for shipping and customs to Los Angeles from Kuwait.” Al-Jasmi exclusively shared his sketch for it and a behind-the-scenes look at its creation

Khloé is such a fan of Al-Jasmi that she wore a similar dress by the designer to Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party in 2015. For The Great Gatsby-themed party, Khloé chose an embellished curve-hugging silver gown with matching headpiece that is reminiscent of her look worn to Kourtney’s soirée.

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